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  1. Very cool. Looks like a pretty fine piece of furniture to me. I know... you mean it's no Thomasville, but it really looks sharp. Looks as nice as something you'd find in a store. Definitely looks like a intelligent use of workspace and the color of the frame fittings really set it off. I might like that better than my L-shaped corner desk at home.
  2. Nice job Steve!! You just can't argue with the quality of an older piece of furniture. Too many get tossed aside nowdays. Upholstery is already a lost concept in the current throw-away world, and the work is becoming a lost art! Takes a talented and patient person!
  3. (other posts not related to this topic have been removed) I love everything about that little ride. How heavy is it in the front? Do you have to carry a weight up there to avoid wheelies?
  4. If you have a Mississippi Welders Supply near you, it wouldn't hurt to stop in there. They sometimes have trade in equipment or stuff that people ordered but never picked up that they sell very reasonably.
  5. So I've been thinking awhile about trying to make a quiet box for my single stage compressor. Its just so darn noisy and when the weather is nice I just wheel it around the corner outside the garage. But not having to do so would obviously be much more convenient. Anybody some this before or have any plans for something like that? Its one of those Sears 6hp 30 gallon tall models. via Tapatalk 4 beta
  6. Holy crap those are cool..... You built many a model when you were a kid, didn't you?
  7. Thanks. I think it's kinda unique and fun. Never seen another like it yet. I've considered trying to do another one and put it on ebay just to see if I could generate some interest. Hard part is finding just the right icebox to work with.
  8. Back in 2006 my wife wanted a wine bar for the living room, but the more we looked at places like World Market, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn... the more we realized that everything nowadays is just laminated MDF. We wanted something real. So we came up with the idea of using an antique icebox, and started looking at flea markets and antique malls. We looked for well over six months to find one with two large doors rather than the more common three door models. We found one that had been gutted by a previous owner, and I retrofitted the interior, making no changes or damage to the original piece. She drew up the design and I blueprinted it to fit the dimensions we had. It holds 9 wine glasses in a stemware holder from Lowes, and 30 standard sized wine bottles. (27 in the right and 3 at the bottom left) The shelf on the top left is for the bottle opener. Wish I would have thought to take more pictures of it as it went together. The rack on the right is built completely out of 3/4" square oak stock. There are four vertical posts that were routed out 1/4" on two opposite sides to nest the horizontal resting bars into. Horizontal bars were glued and brad nailed. When I was done it mapped out to 27 perfectly identical squares, with the perfect depth for horizontal wine storage. Essentially I built it as a kit and did final assembly inside the ice box itself. We like it. It's held up through a household move and now 7 years later still holding wine bottles.
  9. No kidding. Shrapnel from a soup can.... try explaining that one at the ER so they don't call the cops on you for making pipe bombs!
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