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    MG5 Front Bumper

    I need a front bumper for my MG5 - can anyone assist please? Purchased the MG5 a few months ago, but it came with a loose MG2 bumper that is in good nick. Don't want to cut & weld a good item, so looking for a MG5 item to PX or purchase. Hope to be at Newbury if that is helpful.
  2. Bonzothedog


    I'm a new member of the group, and purchased a ROLLO CROFTMASTER last year. It runs O.K. - Not restored, just preserved in working condition. I'm looking for technical information on the machine. Have got engine + gearbox info. off the web, but can find nothing on the rest of the machine - rear axle, steering box, clutch, etc Is there anyone who can assist please so I can maintain in working order? Bonzothedog.