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  1. Hi Dave thats a fine machine there what a good job rolloman did of sorting it can you give ken a brush and some paint and he can help you paint it the correct colour
  2. Are these items also coming up to Edinburgh great display i look forward to seeing them soon
  3. All the best Mr Foster on your birthday from one halve of the blues Brothers
  4. Hi all some pictures of my Simar 35 after completing a engine rebuild it now starts first pull and plays sweet music to me and my Neighbours ha ha Nice weather here so a coat of owatroil oil was applied to finish hope you like
  5. Hello all Some of you will remember my Huttenwerk Tractor which i had on here, well I have been busy overhauling the Tracks starting with the track plates then new rubbers and bolts , And today the track cover plates were fitted 50 off factory made from 1.6 mm mild steel then drilled and painted Matt black . and to finish 200 coach bolts washers and m8 nuts all to be tightened up. Then over to the wash and clean corner this now runs so well now i can hardly believe it hope you like i think it great
  6. Hello Maxwell- 8 Welcome to the forum I am interested on your comments about the Gutbrod Tractor on here, this is one of 7 my brother and I own, I have had my own tractor since i was 14 and have found them fantastic little tractors. I use my tractors all the time also use them at Ploughing matches and have never found any weakness in them quite the opposite fact they seem to be unstoppable are you speaking from experience or some thing you have read ?
  7. Hi Bryan I have sent you a private message
  8. Good evening all here is some pictures of a machine I owned and sold some time ago and as I get older I am getting more sentimental I decided I wanted it back so here it is at home
  9. Hi Mr expeat farmer Yes it does it steers by the brake levers on the diff no 4 wheel drive thanks for your comments
  10. Good morning Lovely weather for the time of year had a great day at the workshop yesterday , some of you will remember this machine i bought just before Lockdown number 2 . Well i thought it was time to remove it from my trailer and start to clean away years of grime and discover more about this conversion purchased a new drive belt and it fitted well . First to get attention was the mag and the carb this done it was time to try and start it , 2 pulls and away it went not bad, last ran at least 10 years ago when i seen it first . now how to preserve what is left of the seat and wooden mudwings as the wood worm seems to have left the building, any ideas would be most welcome thanks
  11. Hi I have sent you a private message
  12. Hi All Snow almost gone now so just enough time test the Colt tractor with loader and have some fun as well
  13. Hello Mr foster that is a fine load of items in your wheel barrow did you get Ken to bring it into the living room before lockdown most people I know keep there garden tools in a shed do you not have room in all those new sheds Rolloman could help you out what price do you have on the barrow
  14. Merry Christmas to one and all from Scotland And a good New Year too Mr Jarrovian you must have to much money saved up this year with no rallies to attend
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