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  1. Hi all thanks for birthday wishes another year older and deeper in debt
  2. Hi all Many thanks to Jarrovian for his report on the Borders rally I have some pics here the Little Boys did well again 1 rst and 2nd what a great show it was so good to be back Thanks also to all who exhibited including Mr Duncan Mcrobbie and Mr Chris youngman
  3. Hi all our first outing this year was at Hethersgill vintage Rally at Carlisle Airport on Sunday the 1st May And what great day it turned out the Weather was wet when we left Edinburgh but improved as we went over the border and once set up we were very shortly basking in full sun and to complete the day we came home with 1 2 3 prizes . Altogether a great day out and what away to start 2022 some pics here of our line up
  4. Hi all a photo of my Martin Markham Colt Deluxe out with its reassembled factory plough fitted to the hitch for the first time a beast off a thing maybe a candidate for some ploughing time what do you think ?
  5. A Merry Christmas to all here on MOM and a Guid New year to yin and aw
  6. Hi Maxwell yes it can be difficult this tractor came with all documents and a new v5c so it was very easy to change ownership and retain number
  7. Hi Maxwell -8 regarding tractor what is it you want to know
  8. Hello good pictures paul nice to see some good exhibits do I recognize that prize wining Allen scythe ? well done Dave i told you it was a good machine for you will it be coming home soon ? ha ha
  9. Hello yes they are the same as the 1030 clutch housing do you need one ?
  10. Hello all time for some items to be sold on to new homes no1 Simar 56 with ploughing outfit running and in working clothes ready for the horticultural ploughing matches open to offer No2 Auto culto A 1929 in running order again in working clothes open to offers All items will have to be collected from Scotland
  11. Hello Roloman1 this is my first time on here. Hope its ok to send my email.

    I have an interest in your Gunsmith tyres. Could i have a picture please and an address to eileen@oldstables.com

  12. Hi Dave thats a fine machine there what a good job rolloman did of sorting it can you give ken a brush and some paint and he can help you paint it the correct colour
  13. Are these items also coming up to Edinburgh great display i look forward to seeing them soon
  14. All the best Mr Foster on your birthday from one halve of the blues Brothers
  15. Hi all some pictures of my Simar 35 after completing a engine rebuild it now starts first pull and plays sweet music to me and my Neighbours ha ha Nice weather here so a coat of owatroil oil was applied to finish hope you like
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