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  1. rolloman 1

    My Gravely Pair

    Hi all on Saturday I pulled out from Hibernation these two Machines after a short time they both were running nicely . Both were given a wipe down with wd40 and some nice pictures taken for the forums hope you like
  2. rolloman 1

    Holder ED11

    Hi all Yet some more pictures of exhibits for 2019, My Holder ED11 Single axle tractor with Butterfly Reversible plough and 3rd wheel and seat, had it a long time too also again 2 owner from new. Powered by a Sachs 500 Two stroke diesel of 9 hp water cooled thermo syphon no pump 4 forward and 1 reverse , It runs like a Clock I havent found any of these in the uk so far hope you like it i love it
  3. Hi all another Tractor out for the rallies , now fitted with Rubber Tyres for the first time in years .Still quite a handfull even on Rubbers . Lovely sounding Two Stroke Engine 3.5 hp only second owner from new born in 1947 and supplied by A M Russell Edinburgh .to a Market Garden in Denny Falkirk Question should this be painted our preserved as is ,thanks for your comments
  4. Hi all on Saturday my old Kinkade Tractor model L came out of Hibernation for the shows in 2019, Now has the tool frame fitted an some tools, a clean of the points and some new fuel was all that was needed to return it to running order hope you like it .
  5. rolloman 1


    Tractor Show Ingliston 23 24 March HI All just a question any more coming up to the Tractor Show 23 24 March any more
  6. rolloman 1

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and a Guid New Year to all on here from a chilly -1 Edinburgh
  7. rolloman 1

    Happy BD Fife Pooman.

    Hi George happy Birthday from Rolloman
  8. rolloman 1

    new toy for me

    good evening all a few pictures of my latest toy a Iron age seeder looks good but missing the link chain pity any ideas hope you like
  9. rolloman 1

    Gutbrod 1032

    Hi All does anybody have a spare pto guard for the under deck mower on a 1032 tractor thanks
  10. rolloman 1

    Auto Culto RIP

    Recently Mr Jarrovian had his old Auto Culto Junior at Brunton Rally It had been giving him some problems recently loosing drive at Ladybank Rally it was given to me to repair and service and now after a few hours in the workshop it looks like this I think it will live again
  11. rolloman 1

    Gutbrod 1032

    Hi All is there anybody out there could tell me the colour of white that was used on the Gutbrod 1032 tractors thanks
  12. rolloman 1

    Big Brother and wee Brother

    Good morning all pictures of Big brother and wee brother out on a wet Saturday morning My 1032 just had and oil service and some TLC Checked over the charging system , etc all working fine. also fitted the rear wheel weights , just ordered some new missing parts coming along nicely will have to try the lawnmower soon
  13. rolloman 1

    My new Tractor

    Hi guys many thanks for your comments Hi Stormin The fife plooman had two of these so i bought this one and yes that is the mower for it Hi Reiver you are Quite correct but Kermit will have to find a new home now Hello again just while I remember my new Tractor will need to be Christened so can I ask for any suitable Names Please many thanks
  14. rolloman 1

    My new Tractor

    Good Morning guys pictures of a new toy for me arrived yesterday about lunch time runs as sweet as a nut just needs some love and care hope you like
  15. Hi the Villiers engine fitted is a 8 c two stroke