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  1. Hey, Thanks for the reply, been reluctant to open the cases to see whats inside and not sure where I would get another gasket if I damage it. Does the clutch run in the grease or is it in a seperate cavity? Also what are the chances that that lubriplate has stood the test of time....Liked your suggestion to add a little oil to get things liquefied, I suppose I should disassemble and see what I got.... Engine does not appear to have much run time if any. I have been told it is a "wet clutch" but after looking at the posts here that seems unlikely...Thank you for the help.... Hugh
  2. Howdy All, Thanks for all the information about the O&R engines, I have gained a ton of knowledge here.... I have gathered up three 1 H.P. O&R engines to date for a Lil Petro micro mini bike restoration, learned a bunch about the engines here. I saw the thread with the gear case tear down and reassembly and he used Lubriplate 105 for the assembly, but is it also used for operation?, or was oil added to the gear case? It has been suggested that 30W oil was used in these gear cases and there is both a fill and a level hole on the case. My main concern is to do no harm. Looking for any insight you guy;s might have.....Thanks agin for all the great info. Hugh Murphy Omaha, NE
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