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  1. Yes I found this in a local auction paid £120 for it as it was complete ,I had not seen one before even though I've been showing stationary engines for over 10 yes ,thanks C101plowerpower have downloaded the pdf
  2. Thanks for the welcome Mattblack , will be trying Meetens to see if they have the parts ,I know someone who rewinds mag coils . I have taken the carb of too clean .
  3. Thanks Anglo Traction ,Will get them tomorrow ,yes I'm in the UK . Thanks Stormin ,I will get the numbers tomorrow and try Meetens as well .
  4. I'm in need of a magneto coil and ignition points and condensor for a Briggs N engine that's in a US WW2 airdrop compressor can't anyone tell me where I can obtain these parts please .
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