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    Trewhella jacks and winches, English and Japanese motor cycles. Old tools and equipment.
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  1. Brian COOK

    Brian COOK

  2. Hi Alan, Mate thanks for the quick response and will take your advice. Take care and shame you sold "old beastie" they are good things and now hard to replace.
  3. Hi Alan, just found this Site trying to get information on the elusive Monkey Winch. I have obviously joined and hope to find someone who knows how the Monkey Winch "pawls" operate, engage disengage as I have hit a wall as I can't find anyone who knows what the parts look/measure like so I can find why my Monkey Winch will not release the two pawls that ratchet/lock/unlock the drum. Literature is also almost impossible to find. If you are happy to sell a copy of your booket, please let me know as I need all the help I can get. Thank you and once again my apologies for joining and coming in "guns blazing".
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