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  1. Greyhounds have a lovely nature (although I may be biased!) and there's a charity called Greyhound Gap who do a lot for rehoming. As to getting one, yes, they do have a rather good chase reflex, so be wary if there's cats and/or squirrels in your garden. Oh, and talking of gardens, if your lawn and flowerbeds are a source of pride.... be warned that a full speed greyhound cares not for your horticulture :-D Thanks for the suggestions - much appreciated! In a dig through the web and on the site - including what you've kindly shared - I note the belt is part "8430 V BELT". Just a case of finding a modern equivalent.
  2. Hi Stormin, Thanks for the welcome! I'll go post something in intros after this. I'm a bit further down the country that you: I'm just outside Nottingham. I had a good look on that site and other parts of t'interwebs for a manual. I must be looking in the wrong place as I've yet to get my paws on an actual chassis guide or similiar. I can find one for attachments and the engine, but sadly, not the bit I'm looking for. I've been searching using the R26 or 2-2651, but no joy as yet! As to a photo, would a video be okay? It's not the original engine, but everything else seems pretty old school. What happened to the original engine I've no idea, but given the age of the mower, I'm impressed by the build quality. BTW, apologies for the lawn damage: I'm going to give my two rescue greyhounds a firm look to killing the grass off :-) Wheelhorse R26.mp4
  3. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum and apologies in advance if I'm commiting any faux pas. :-) I'm the happy owner of a 1970s Wheelhorse R26 (Model 2-2651 / Serial 113246 / Amnor N.V. Oevel Belgium), affectionally known as Betty. The mower that is, not me ;-) Betty has had a new engine - years before my ownership - and a year or so ago, I had to replace the belt on the deck. I managed to find a belt from a local mower place, but I've never been 100% happy with how well the machine ran since doing it. This replacement belt is now coming off, so while the mower makes an excellent run around in the garden, Betty's prime job as lawn mower leaves something to be desired :-D So, two questions - and I'm really grateful for any help you can provide. Does anyone have a scanned copy of the R26 manual so I can check the belt run? Does anyone have any advice about what belt I should be using? The one I got from the shop was a reasonable fit, but I noticed using the lever to put the blades into cutting mode was not as good as the old belt. Thanks for reading and any advice gratefully received! Thanks, Richard
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