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  1. Hi, Based close to Thirsk N.Yorks. 'Locked down' and re-furbing/servicing Toro W/Horse 264-6 Mdl: 72062. Fitted Kohler CV14S Spec:1472. Crankshaft drive pulley gone AWOL 2months ago (long sad story!). Just a chance someone may know of such a thing? (Toro part No. is 93-0321) Dealers say none in UK, so may have to go over the pond for a fortune!
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    Based near Thirsk, so not far away.... Desperate for Toro drive pulley having exhausted UK suppliers, informed none in UK, joined 'RedSquare Wheel Horse Forum' hoping someone had part.... Message from 'Stormin' suggested/recommended getting in touch with yourselves, as nearby. Small world! Anyway, long story short. Locked down re Covid, re-furbing/servicing etc., our Toro WheelHorse 264-6 72062 fitted Kohler CV14S 1472 engine, Drive pulley (Toro part No. 93-0321) gone AWOL!! No idea! - Possibly gone with scrap is al I can now think, but been two months now! Getting a bit desperate now! Anyway, that's the tale, and just thought I'd share/explore anything I could, and see what happens... There'll be one lying somewhere. (I hope!)
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