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  1. Yes definitely. I don't mind the look as long as it's functional.
  2. Got it to run!!! VID_20240406_125339.mp4
  3. Thanks everyone for your feedback and very useful tips. After much playing around and testing I finally got spark. One of the main issues was the magnet on the flywheel had a thin layer of rust, once it was cleaned and the points adjusted it made spark. With any luck I can get it to bust off. Thanks all.
  4. Hello Mattblack, Yes I got it as a non runner. In the second pic I have the positive test lead on the spark plug wire and the neg on the base of the coil. I thought the same thing about the sleeved wire, but that's how it was when I removed the flywheel. I actually thought it's supposed to be the kill wire.
  5. Hello everyone. I really need some help with my Qualcast engine. I'm not getting spark, I have cleaned the points and replaced the condenser but still nothing. As you can see from the second image I am getting resistance from the sparkplug wire to the base of the coil, but I'm also getting the same resistance from the open points. Do I have a bad coil?
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