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  1. Fortunately, the roll-pin parts remained in place (two in the gear and one on the shaft) but unfortunately the gear teeth have been damaged), so I’ll have to replace it. Also, the legs of the shaft stop had broken (I think I’ve located those parts too), but I’m not sure if the two failures are connected - ie. shaft-stop failure caused or contributed to failure of the roll-pin, or vice-versa. Incidentally, do you know if the roll-pins (gear and clutch-dog) are metric or imperial ? My measurements suggest imperial - 3/16”, but I wondered if they might be 5mm … ? It did cross my mind to replace the gear roll-pin with a spiral type pin to increase durability, so it’s good to know it’s a tried and tested modification.
  2. I removed the worst of the crud with a wire brush before attempting to lift the sump, and the shaft is tapered immediately above the oil seal, so what remained didn’t cause an issue. Anyway, I did manage to remove the sump with some gentle tapping with a mallet. It wasn’t necessary to remove the woodruff key, because the shaft is tapered immediately above the oil seal. I’d already had a look through the 10mm gap and I couldn’t see any obvious reason for resistance, but I did eventually manage to remove the sump with some gentle tapping with a mallet.
  3. Hi All, I’m hoping someone can advise me regarding sump removal from my B&S Quantum 55 engine. The engine is has a PTO driving the rear roller, but it I think the roll-pin securing the gear to the PTO shaft has sheared - hence the need to remove the sump to access the gear and replace the roll-pin. With the engine inverted on the bench (see attached pic), I removed the 7 bolts securing the sump to the crankcase expecting to be able to lift the sump off, but after lifting it about 10mm fairly easily I’m the feeling some resistance. Initially, the shaft to which the blade would attach remains in place as I lift the sump, but after 10mm it seems that the sump is catching on something and lifting the shaft too. Any help or advice or would be much appreciated. Cheers, Nick
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