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  1. wurzel

    Bolens for Sale

    Hi selling some of my Bolens mesageme for info
  2. Crikey lucky escape there where did that happen
  3. wurzel

    Strange machine spotted.

    i googled cranbrook iron they are blacksmiths
  4. wurzel

    Hairy Moment loading for Newbury

    you cant beat a good wench lol
  5. wurzel

    Turf Trak Temptation

    i was tempted by the Bolens DGT1700 on ebay yesterday made a silly offer but somone else got it dont realy need 2 anyway
  6. wurzel

    Bolens Hat

    nice find it looks like it hasnt been used
  7. wurzel

    Yazoo rider

    hi i have a very nice wisconsin tjd 18hp twin if you are intrested
  8. wurzel

    Yazoo rider

    hi if its an inertia starter the cog may be stuck on the starter shaft spray the cog with wd40 and try tapping the starter with a hammer as you turn it over failing that pull the starter and see if you can free the cog
  9. wurzel

    Decking Oil Spillage

    flowers and and a meal out do the cleaning and washing up grovel etc
  10. wurzel

    Marriage of two machines!

    nice bit of kit good idea
  11. wurzel


    i have youtube but never uploadedthere
  12. wurzel


  13. wurzel

    Bolens QT17 Grading

    i prefer the Hydro much nicer to use and i like the sound of the kohler twin not sure if its the correct battery hold down
  14. wurzel

    Bolens QT17 Grading

    QT17 layout
  15. wurzel

    Bolens QT17 Grading

    G16XL layout