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  2. Thanks Paul, sent you a PM. Had to weld a penny washer onto one of the wheels to carry the nylon bush and get it mobile. Absolutely delighted when it fired up mind. I'm champing at the bit to get stuck in but I've got other priorities at home and legal that I can't dodge. I'll be painting and decorating for the next few months too no doubt, dammit ! Left my wee Boxford lathe last move, metric / imp cutting gears , the lot ! There will be nothing left this time, I don't care what happens, it's coming if it's too good to ditch.
  3. Thought I'd already done that??? Mustn't have hit the right buttons will do tonight when more time hopefully, now, I've "Gorra ganoot" sorry, geordie for "one must depart"
  4. Thanks Stormin, early days yet, hopefully will get my posts right with use. A good buff and lube should sort her out (no naughty comments please) and intend to use round my allotment. The splash guard, petrol cap and air filter cover were laid to one side and on that note, what was the original livery? This one's done in white (ish) which I quite fancy again (got the paint) and by the way anyone using Hammerite type paints should try "Lidl" for "Baufix" thinners, two and a half quid a litre, works a treat, used it to thin out for spraying aswell, and again, spot on with both Hammerite and "Baufixes" own metal paint which you'd expect.
  5. Sorry about the double post, here are the pic's of the in use Landmaster and the recently aquired Versatiller. As said, forgive the livery and none standard guard on the landmaster. It was a needs must and just what I had to hand. I'll take my time with the Versatiller which in truth was only bought for the tines for the princely sum of a tenner
  6. Hello all, looking for info. Picked up a Farmfitters Versatiller thats stood for a while in the outdoors but not too bad nick. I've got photo's but don't know how to upload them to view. It's a runner after I cleaned the "Ducatti" points. Didn't like the idea of removing three cylinder head bolts to get the cowl off mind but pleased when it fired up after squirting a bit of juice down the carb just to test it. I've trawled the web for a manual but they're like hens teeth. The exhaust is shot at it's outlet but the baffle plate is intact. I intend to fab one up eventually or buy a suitable near as poss replacement. I would like to know the head bolt torque if poss and was the engine (V.711) made by Farmfitters? It looks a bit like an old Tec to me but the Ducatti point has thrown me so I aint got a clue. I also have a working two stroke Landmaster, given to me siezed. I use it regularly on the plot, slasher tines only though and it don't half kick up a mess at full tilt. (Pic's to follow once I find out how to download) It's a two stroke, starts 2nd pull, works very well. Right in the middle of a house move at the mo so had to be ruthless. Rotovators and lawnmowers sold (boo hoo), Templars, Titans, Colt's and Punches, loads of Briggs and Tec bits. The missus says it will take one hour to move the house and a bloody week to move the garage and worshop. The new place garage has a pit and the workshop is twice the size of the one I have now (he he hee)