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  1. I attended the Red Row Vintage Club rally held in glorious weather at Druridge Bay Country Park on the 3rd and 4th of August. The rally site is about three miles south of Amble in Northumberland with a well stocked visitor centre on site, excellent camping facilities
  2. I was asked to help at one of my favourite rally the Wolds Vintage Group Rally held at Fangfoss in North Yorkshire on 27/28 July. setting up was in brilliant sunshine ( too hot ) we had to frequently stop for a cooling drink of water here are a few pictures especially of note the three quite rare Coleby machines
  3. A few pics from a rally held on 20/21st July at Masham Yorkshire
  4. I was at Chillingham Vintage Rally at Wooler in Northumberland yesterday a nice selection of horticultural machines some of which are not seen very often
  5. I collected my latest toys from Derbyshire to find one rare (a word I use very sparingly ) but to find two is unbelievable they are ACRE Rotary Cultivator. more pictures will follow later
  6. I keep saying I have stopped buying however I came back with another load more pics to follow
  7. Yes Rolloman nice quiet runner is that my feet in photo 3 ?
  8. Barfoprd Powerscythe unloaded pulley tensioners freed off cutter fitted JUST tyres and engine to sort
  9. Another fine mess you got me into Stanley. I went to collect a Barford Power Scythe from north of the border and ended up with this lot which went to a gentleman in Edinburgh. A quick look at my Barford Powerscythe, needs new tyres, engine turns, coil dead (but saying that it is a Villiers ) very good cutter bar good project
  10. some nice photos there Norman I have a few to add
  11. very good video well done he came in quite low
  12. thank you S1g no panic it is not a must have now,
  13. Hi Paul Yes that would be ideal have you still got my contact details? if not do want me to e-mail you? thanks Dave
  14. collected my latest toy yesterday from a very nice gentleman in Derbyshire a Shay Rotogardener 80 in very nice condition nothing to do to it Has anyone got a manual for this machine? I have one for the JAP 80 engine
  15. does anyone have or know of a belt guard for the Howard Hako for sale?
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