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  1. happy birthday Jonathan keep putting one foot in front of tother
  2. Thank you Anglo Traction yes it is long term the bore on engine is approx 1in and carburettor has lever on top to richen mixture for starting not a choke regards Dave
  3. Jarrovian

    wanted 11c carb

    does anyone in UK have a Villiers carburettor for 11c engine on an Allen Scythe? thank you
  4. you will be hiring to the council for road clearing
  5. Hello Rolloman Is a proper size wheelbarrow too big for a poor old chap like you NOT for sale but might be on list to Scotland when I pop my clogs
  6. Anglo Traction is correct no not having clear out just bored and trying to clear up my living room
  7. very close Norman let us see if Paul can guess before I reveal
  8. Who can spot the most items in my wheelbarrow ?
  9. great pity Norman but no surprise I think there will be a lot of early events off this year
  10. Happy and prosperous New Year to one and all
  11. possibly float or main jet in carb stuck
  12. Hi Gutbrod 1030 Ken is well rapped up in his house Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all north of Hadrians Wall
  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all . and a HAPPIER NEW YEAR just when you think nowt else would happen two brown envelopes arrived the first a tax demand the second a notice for £10.00from DWP christmas pressy
  14. thank you Paul that would be great I do find some weird machines Dave
  15. Can anyone tell me what my newest toy is for ?
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