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  1. i have just heard that Kelso in the Scottish Borders is cancelled
  2. i have today been officially informed by the horticultural steward the event is cancelled
  3. another new to me a Lloyds 1937 offset grass cutter
  4. one or two new finds a Mk 1 Allen Scythe, a Gloster seed drill with a Hawker Siddlie name plate some I have had for a while Andrews lawn edger, a horticultor cultivator plus a few others
  5. never mind the snow what about the rain glad to see you are still kicking
  6. are you going this year Norman ? I will be there
  7. its an Aspera engine one owner from new
  8. my latest buy for myself an unknown Gutbrod, any idea what model it is
  9. I had same trouble with a drive gear on a Bullfinch and had to resort to solicitors letter I do not recommend him at all
  10. I spoke to Chester Hudson many years ago asking if he had a plough the only response was asking for my postcode I do not know why he is not my favourite supplier
  11. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone and happy rallying for next year
  12. I have the sickle bar and the rotary lawnmower attachments but still looking for a plough for it
  13. looking very good a bit of a deviation from your Gutbrods I might find time to dig out some of my machines you might remember
  14. a few of my machines that have not been out for a while and one or two at all in particular the electric soil blender and my Acre
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