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  1. Jarrovian

    paint codes

    does anyone know the correct colour code or name for Wolesley Merry Tiller red and white also Kohler engine blue code
  2. Jarrovian


    Newark Tractor & Heritage Show 10 & 11 November very good turnout of exhibits
  3. Jarrovian

    Tractor World Scotland. 23-24 March.

    it is these Southern softies Norm they can not stand the heat up North I will be there and the Blues Brothers aka Rolloman and Callander Plooman
  4. Jarrovian

    NVTC Rally

    yes Stormin it is from Carlisle and also yes Chris it is a Sears Roper
  5. Jarrovian

    NVTC Rally

    Northumberland Vintage Tractor Club rally October 20th & 21st held at Brunton Airfield near Alnwick
  6. Jarrovian

    Happy Birthday pmackellow.

    Many happy returns Paul see you at Newark
  7. Jarrovian

    Happy Birthday Stormin

    Very happy birthday and many more to come Norm, you are catching me up.
  8. Jarrovian

    The Bigger Albion Foundation Limited Biggar Rally 2018

    who is the good looking guy in the awning display? great rally I was there from Friday until Monday looking after 3 sections
  9. Jarrovian


  10. my birthday is today 19/07/2018 I have tried unsuccessfully to enter it under todays birthday I am 71 years old
  11. Jarrovian

    Unknown engime

    i have tried 2 electronic modules they were crap in both K141 and K181 engines stick with points and if kept clean and adjusted no problems
  12. Jarrovian

    Unknown engime

    parts are available from a lot of dealers I use Meetens from Preston for a lot of spares or tap in Kohler K181 on e-bay but watch for Chinese electrical parts
  13. Jarrovian

    Unknown engime

    Kohler 8hp K181 was fitted to the Howard Dragon amongst others
  14. Jarrovian

    Happy Birthday Showman.

    happy birthday Showman you are catching me up
  15. Jarrovian

    A Day At Beamish Museum

    in mid September there is an Agricultural Show where we display a selection of horticultural exhibits. The work on their major project, 1950,s Town is well underway, to be fair you can not properly digest all you see in one day