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  1. does anyone have or know of a belt guard for the Howard Hako for sale?
  2. On Sunday the 19th of May I took a ride up to the Scottish Borders to a rally at Kelso, here are a few pictures
  3. Hi Gazz They are not what would call Rare, by the sounds of it you have a plough for a model T there are three different plough types for different machines value as always what a man wants to pay and how desperate he is to get one, but it is rare to find one complete with weight
  4. seen on the A1 heading to Scotland one and a half Martin-Markham colt deluxe
  5. Some pics from the 36th Hethersgill Annual Vintage Rally held on the 5th May at Carlisle Airport Weather was cloudy but dry and cool until the rally finished then the sun came out
  6. yes Mattblack it is home made when I do a table display I have a 1/12 scale greenhouse and garden so out of devilment I decided to make a model as I have a few Allen Scythes
  7. how do I change my e-mail address?
  8. thank you S1g any idea how the motor cover is attached and shape and size of cover ?
  9. thanks Norman it still mixes like a new one
  10. under construction my new shed trying it out for size can anyone tell me how old is my Belle mixer is ?
  11. yes it is Norman very tidy indeed
  12. a few pics of my latest find a JLO Motor Cultivator fitted with a JLO 100 engine any information would be appreciated last picture compares size with my Howard Hako fitted with JLO 75cc engine
  13. a few pictures from Tractor World Scotland Last picture shows Callander plooman winner of the Horticultural section on his Gutbrod tractor
  14. I reckonise that trailer in the last picture
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