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  1. are you paying your new apprentice seed or crumbs ? is it big enough to lift a spanner ? is it corvet secure ?
  2. I might have a Villiers 25c currently on an Allen Scythe at the moment
  3. nice to see it has eventually woke up after being stuck in that corner for so long hope your next project does not take as long
  4. at £28 it is a lot cheaper than getting one from America with postage and possible import tax rolloman at Edinburgh might be able to help
  5. ken is on holiday but cannot get back because of the corona virus I thought you would have noticed the house breaker on the settee
  6. looking at your picture I would say at a guess it has been re-engined to remove flywheel you will need to make a puller mine have 2 tapped UNC holes to draw it off
  7. was the machine originally red with with cream/off white wheels because the only model fitted with a Kohler K91T fitted was the last TS model made about 1970/1972 engine parts are available from Meetens at Preston who do an excellent mail order service as regards tyres there is a firm called China Parts in county Durham there is also Villiers Parts but George can be a bit troublesome at times so I personally use him but many have had good service
  8. Happy birthday Paul, all the best and hope you have a great day and many more to come Dave
  9. thank you Paul my favourite is the one with the flat belt drive without a gearbox which I cannot find any brochures on nor information
  10. Some of my unusual collection of Colwood Motor Hoes with a stranger in the camp
  11. just received confirmation 2020 show is cancelled not a surprise as most of show was indoors
  12. Very many happy returns on your birthday Chris hope to see you at rallies next year Dave
  13. Happy Birthday John, you are slowly catching us old wrinkleys all the best Dave
  14. these Gutbrod Equipment events can a Gutbrod pedestrian rotavator join in ?
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