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  1. Jarrovian

    The blues brothers

    I reckonise that trailer in the last picture
  2. Jarrovian

    Allen Scythe Sprayer

    more suitable machine for year of sprayer also my latest machine a 1928 Auto Culto model A and truck lurking in warehouse
  3. I have recently renewed my subs but when I go on mom even though I have ticked the remember me box it asks for me to sign in
  4. Jarrovian

    Newby Hall 2019 Tractor Fest.

    You Southern Jessies make me laugh we do not even get a thank you if we travel 100,s of miles to support you but it is too far, too cold to come North. As Stormin says make a holiday of it there are rallies before and after with a very good caravan park at Boroughbridge not far from some good rallies
  5. Jarrovian


    To everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year
  6. Jarrovian

    Allen Scythe Sprayer

    yes I do have the tank but I just sat the bits together to see how the pump sat with the box
  7. Under restoration my Alllen of Oxford low pressure orchard sprayer with original load carrier where the water tank fits it is sitting on an Allen Scythe TS fitted with the larger Villiers engine more photos to follow when machine is under restoration
  8. Jarrovian

    Merry Christmas.

    merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone even the nesh person north of the border
  9. Jarrovian


    Tractor World Scotland Edinburgh entry forms are now out for 23rd &24th March 2019 contact Mark Woodward 01697451882
  10. I attended the Newark Tractor & Heritage Show on the weekend of 10th & 11th November 2018 weather was good but it made no difference as we were inside here are some pictures
  11. My new project a Merry Tiller Trident It is a rotary cultivator not a rotavator fitted with a 2hp Briggs & Stratton engine believed to have been born in about 1972 for cultivationg around flower beds etc.
  12. Jarrovian

    paint codes

    does anyone know the correct colour code or name for Wolesley Merry Tiller red and white also Kohler engine blue code
  13. Jarrovian


    Newark Tractor & Heritage Show 10 & 11 November very good turnout of exhibits
  14. Jarrovian

    Tractor World Scotland. 23-24 March.

    it is these Southern softies Norm they can not stand the heat up North I will be there and the Blues Brothers aka Rolloman and Callander Plooman
  15. Jarrovian

    NVTC Rally

    yes Stormin it is from Carlisle and also yes Chris it is a Sears Roper