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  1. The BVAA Rally held at Springwood Park Kelso in the Scottish Borders May 14/15 2022 I arrived on Friday set up the van said hello to some old friends which I had not seen since before lockdown one of who was Uncle Albert (Kenny)
  2. that last picture looks remarkedly like the one on mom why is it included as it shows nothing like locality of sale area
  3. Hi Norm is Heathersgill rally on this year
  4. Many years ago we had a German Shepard with a similar fence at the bottom of our garden ( which backs onto a railway line ) when he was a pup he disappeared every day ending up next door and Sylvia used to ask for him back. Unknown to us some of the bottom nails had rotted, we watched him one day, look around then with a paw he moved the board and clambered through we used to find him sitting eating biscuits next door
  5. Some recent finds including Wolf Lawn Edger, two types of Wolf Millers or cultivators, Myson Bucket Sprayer
  6. Happy New Year to everyone think positive we MIGHT get some rallies this year my thoughts are with those who have passed away and those left behind
  7. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year looking forward to see how many clubs have survived these last two years
  8. Many happy returns Norm you are slowly catching me up
  9. I have finally started sorting out one of my sheds not much but it is a start at least I can see some of the floor
  10. Earlier in the year I bought a job lot of Colwood Motor Hoes manufactured by Dashwood Engineering supposed to be non-runners one is of particular interest, powered by a J.A.P. 2A engine dating from 1943 what is strange is it does not have a gearbox just a leather belt from small pulley on engine to larger pulley and then chain drive to the steel wheel after a bit of fettling and fresh petrol it runs took it for a stroll at a brisk walk
  11. Good morning rolloman NOthey are not yet coming north of the border I can still manage them just the heavy stuff coming north
  12. if you look close there are two Haws watering cans on the table one brass on the left and the copper one on the right
  13. He does not know yet he is still in bed
  14. out of sheer boredom I set up a table display of some table objects and some recently acquired
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