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  1. Happy birthday Titch have a good day relaxing from a very happy customer
  2. Ken has a new lawn mower but i think it is too big for him it is a 1890 8in cut Greens Silens Messor ladies mower which has recently joined my collection it makes a lovely job cutting the lawn hard work but it will kill or cure
  3. Hi Alan Ken has been in hiding Barbie is after him ha ha ha
  4. Ken managed (at a safe distance) to appear out of hiding to cut my grass and display some seed drills and push hoes
  5. nice machines Norm whoever cuts the grass made a good job
  6. Hi all glad you liked so far here are some more this time part of my Allen collection
  7. the machine in question is a Allen & Simmons Auto-Culto model A and the propeller is indeed a cooling fan
  8. As i am in lockdown i thought i would do a virtual event so here are a few to start maybe more tomorrow i might even invite Ken (at a distance of 2 meters)
  9. i have just heard that Kelso in the Scottish Borders is cancelled
  10. i have today been officially informed by the horticultural steward the event is cancelled
  11. another new to me a Lloyds 1937 offset grass cutter
  12. one or two new finds a Mk 1 Allen Scythe, a Gloster seed drill with a Hawker Siddlie name plate some I have had for a while Andrews lawn edger, a horticultor cultivator plus a few others
  13. never mind the snow what about the rain glad to see you are still kicking
  14. are you going this year Norman ? I will be there
  15. its an Aspera engine one owner from new
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