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    I've always had this problem when estimating a home improvement jobs that I had never tackled previously. So I came up with a rule of thumb. However many hours you think it will take, add three...then double it. Keep at it Karl. You didn't have any plans for the rest of the weekend anyway...did you?
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    No, not a carpenter. I learned everything from watching others. Some things come naturally, others take a while. My dad taught me to use hand tools, and my older brother taught me how to stain and finish. Wood shop in grade school was a start at using power tools.
  4. Here are some pictures of a reproduction Seller's 1925, 48" Klearfront cabinet that I built a few years ago. The cabinet was constructed from red oak and poplar purchased from a sawmill. All parts were planed, cut, shaped, and built by me. The hardware is all reproduction items from various vendors. It took me 8 weeks to complete. I had fully restored a similar cabinet back in 2002. So I had saved pictures and dimension from that. I drew my plans from memory. If you would like to view the cabinet that I restored, you can see it here: http://www.myoldattic.com/klearfront