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  1. squonk

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Nice Norm. It reminds me of when I did the C125 in my avatar. 'Cept I didn't have a gantry, operating table and a smarty pants heckling me!
  2. squonk

    Early Westwood Mower Wanted

    I can't believe all of the tractors like that we scrapped over here under the Bradford /Monte Carlo name. Used to find them in piles and we would make one good tractor out of about 10 of them.
  3. squonk

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    You could always use it for leaves!
  4. squonk

    Vintage Tractor Club Working Weekend

    With all that food, who had time to plow?
  5. squonk

    Vintage Oil Can

    Awesome! And something with the word Lucas on it that still works!
  6. Just some highlight pics. Rained on Wednesday. But decent after that. Took my WH 701, 1267, and 857
  7. squonk

    Resistor spark plug or non resistor?

    In the 60's every time a Ford went by the house the TV would get fuzzy.
  8. squonk

    Steering help please

    It pinches it. It's a lock collar.
  9. That Lucas battery. Did it have any actual electricity in it?
  10. squonk

    Economy tractors

    Here's my 77 Power King 2414 "Elvis" with home built FEL
  11. squonk

    Tractor World Scotland

  12. squonk

    Happy Easter Everyone

    BBBWWWAAAHHHAAAHHHHAAAA! Happy Easter everyone!
  13. squonk

    Yeah, it snowed... a lot!

    If he does that it will never snow again!