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    danarm DDA 110

    Thanks again Anglo. Yes I did find that site previously, a good source of info! Just to correct what I said before, the Pioneer 620 is not exactly the same as the Danarm DDA110 but is very similar, the grips and covers are slightly different and according to that site the carb is too. I'll post pictures up when I get a chance to take some. Joe, yours is missing a small rectangular metal plate on the hand protecting bar, you can just about see the welds on yours where it was fitted.
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    danarm DDA 110

    Hi all, I've just acquired the same model Danarm which was my fathers and last used well over 10 years ago. Thanks to info on here (thanks Anglo Traction) and elsewhere I've rebuilt the carb and fuel system (it was left with some fuel in which ate the fuel pipe), tinkered with the ignition and recoil starter and now it fires up and works a treat! Just wanted to say for parts the DDA 110 is exactly the same model as the slightly earlier Canadian Pioneer 620 (not S620). I guess Danarm imported them and badged them as their own. Carb rebuild kit needed for this model is Tillotson RK-114HL. I'm planning on stripping it down and repainting it but I've a couple of others of my fathers I need to sort out first. If anyone has any photos of a DDA110 (not to be confused with the later 110 Manual and Automatic) showing all the original stickers etc. that would be appreciated as most of mine have gone. Anyway thanks again for the info, it helped me for sure!