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  1. Old lister engine mostly complete with water pump. pictures will follow! ENGINE DETAILS serial number: 1713DH 11 HP: 2 R.P.M: 1000 WATER PUMP DETAILS pump: 102282 type: DEP.2 GPH: 250 R.P.M:500 OPEN TO SENSIBLE OFFERS
  2. thats what i was thinking to be honest and yes restoration don't always pay off. might have to sell it as is then its all working and a good tractor just need the space for more projects so might have to go!
  3. thinking of selling my wheel horse c-160 is it generally worth more restored or original condition in working order? regards joe
  4. Selling a lot of my new old stock. this includes parts for chainsaws, lawnmowers. briggs and stratton, honda, stihl, homelite, qualcast, hayter, flymo, tecumseh, aspera. old Stihl, homelite, danarm chainsaw cases and engine parts too many to list! rotary and cylinder mower parts from nuts and bolts to engine parts, gears, blades, electrical, flywheels, carb kits etc! just DM with what you want and ill see if i have it! regards joe
  5. worth a shot I thought! it seems people have them but just don't want to sell them! any idea of the price range that people are asking for them so it gives me an idea?
  6. is that to ian? how much for if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Wanted a wheel horse D series tractor for small forestry jobs and log splitting, in working condition but if needs work that's no problem!
  8. thank you very much didn't even think of that!
  9. hi everyone! I recently ordered a belt for my wheel horse and since I fitted there is a extreme loss in power and im having to hold the belt engager lever down to get a bit more power/ speed! the lever does work properly and is all correct now and still no difference! I now know its the wrong belt even though its the same part number as the one off it that unfortunately snapped when some wood got caught in it! if anyone knows what the right belt part number is for my machine it would be great. Regards Joe
  10. I did wonder what you were planning as over this week end I was pulling some logs and one sliped and smashed the back light on my C-160 AUTO but I've been searching for an original but they all seem a lot of money for something that could easily get broken again, and they are hard to find. I prefer the barn find look if its not to rusted and damaged! that's why im reluctant to restore mine, but it does get a beating in the woods when I use it! Regards Joe
  11. that looks great Alain, what are you going to do with the back lights? and are you re-spraying it or keeping it a barn find look? Regards Joe
  12. it was a great bargain I thought, as the price was unimaginable in the UK! im sure it will, and for other generations! Regards Joe
  13. I might be feeling a little jealous of your awesome collection of implements and tractors! by the way I got that head heli-coiled just waiting to have time to put it on the engine, thanks again for the head! regards Joe
  14. where do you always find these great implements? you must have a shed just full of them!
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