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Colwood machinery

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Dashwood Engineering produced a wide array of horticultural machinery under the Colwood banner


The first cultivator was the Model A which first appeared in 1945 with a JAP 2A engine, later models were the model B with

JAP or Villiers power, also the model RA with a Villiers engine...


Here's some photos...


Firstly my first Colwood,a model RA with rotor box, cutter bar and trailer...


then a lineup of Colwood machines at the Tugwell Park display at Eastbourne


and my second Colwood, a model B2 bought at the Ringmer Show at the end of July...













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A good history there Paul couldn't have put it better myself plus don't forget the colwood hornet, and Goodwood machines I have added some pics of me at work with my steel wheeled model B and my ra, have also added two of my model A pics, more to follow.




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