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  1. Popped over for a look today Blowing a gale and raining so did not stay long Harry was walking in as I was walking out so will no doubt have some prices...
  2. I like that article Just bought a copy from ebay
  3. pmackellow

    Tarpen generator

    No, its Tarpens own two stroke engine
  4. pmackellow

    Tarpen generator

    That unit would be late 1930's, I have a couple of them and one was new in 1938 to Scotney Castle in Kent.
  5. pmackellow

    Aquabug surprise!

    Postage is the killer when getting O&R stuff to the UK !
  6. pmackellow

    Orline Cutoff saw

    Well done, that will be a nice addition to your collection !
  7. pmackellow

    First Ardingly Collective Sale, Feb 16th

    Thanks Harry
  8. First Ardingly Collective sale of the year today A few vintage bits plus a nice Mercedes Unimog on towing duties I didn't stay long so no prices, Harry and his dad were driving in as I drove out so perhaps he has some price details ?
  9. pmackellow

    Getting ready for Newbury

    Its an Allman sprayer, which would be wheeled across the field you wished to treat, the chemicals would be pumped out through the nozzles on the spray bars on the front of the machine
  10. pmackellow

    Drillgine brochure

    Advert arrived today as well...
  11. pmackellow

    Drillgine brochure

    Thanks, always on the lookout for any unusual brochure additions
  12. pmackellow

    Drillgine brochure

    This nice brochure arrived this morning all theway from Canada...
  13. pmackellow

    Martin Markham Colt Deluxe

    NOW SOLD !
  14. pmackellow

    R.I.P. Lily

    Just to let you all know the very sad news that Chris and Pam Suttons beloved Patterdale Terrier Lily passed away yesterday. She went to sleep in her favourite chair and did not wake up. I have just spoken to Chris and as you can imagine he is very upset I'm writing this with tears in my eyes as I'll miss my little mate R.I.P. Lily...