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  1. Thats rather nice, I like that, good find !
  2. And another recently arrived O&R fuels advert now on display...
  3. This advert for the smaller aero engines arrived today all the way from the USA Now framed and with the display...
  4. Still got that in a box upstairs David Oh good, any Aquabug information always useful thanks ! Paul
  5. Finally got around to cleaning up the Aquabug cover that my mate got mended for me Its now in the display next to the machine, I still think it looks better without the cover so am leaving it off for now...
  6. Happy New Year to all forum users Lets hope 2021 is a better year for us all Paul and Wendy
  7. Happy Christmas Joseph and family !
  8. A couple of issues of Popular Mechanics magazine from 1970 arrived today They are of interest because they contain small articles on the Otline model 249 hedge trimmer and the Amp Champ generator. Information sourced from David (factory)s post on this forum
  9. Ok I will get that in the post mate
  10. Hello Dave What you have there is a Lowell Thoro-spray insecticide sprayer, model 301 Taken from a Lowell sprayer catalogue in my collection. Photos attached, do you want a copy mate ? Paul Theres a 1949 price list with this model listed, I 'll do you a copy of that as well
  11. Ah right sorry I read that as you had one
  12. I would be interested to see what other O&R machines you have, whats the rip saw ?
  13. Nice machines, here's my Aquabug (must fit the cowling although I do think it looks better without it) Also two Amp Champs, one with O&R power and the other with an Italian Fox F7 engine in it
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