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  1. I had that happen with an Amp Champ generator. It was sent through this stupid Global Shipping Program, it got so far and then I was told it could not be shipped and my money was refunded Not impressed
  2. Looking good mate Hope its surviving in all this wind and rain !
  3. pmackellow

    John Deere 70

    Anything JD of that era seems to be few and far between over here
  4. Ardingly; Saturday 15th February, Saturday 14th March, Saturday 18th April Saturday 5th September Saturday 10th October Herstmonceux sale Saturday 16th May South Godstone sale Saturday 20th June more details at southeastmarts.co.uk
  5. Looking good mate, coming on well
  6. I will be picking these up from Alan at next months Tractor World show I also have a hedge trimmer attachment that was found on ebay...
  7. Thats tidy Dave I was watching that on ebay, glad its gone to a good home ! Think its an Aspera ?
  8. That looks remarkably like our mate Dave Foster !
  9. Thats looking very good mate
  10. Wanted advert on here ? Worth a try
  11. Mustangs do come up more often, keep an eye on ebay
  12. Didn't say I liked it that much !!
  13. That's tidy mate I like that
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