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  1. Nice one Dave another fine addition to your collection !
  2. Sorry Joseph did not see this post until just now Happy birthday for yesterday, get any garden tractor sized presents ?
  3. I spoke to John Cruse recently and he seemed ok, I know he is scaling down the repair side of the business and concentrating on parts sales through ebay...
  4. Great pictures Norm I'll have the Anglebox van please !
  5. They are not exactly cheap here in the UK either !
  6. Some nice items there Dave, good finds mate
  7. This arrived during the week via the bay of e Does anyone have any information about it please (other than what David has sent me, many thanks) ?
  8. Happy birthday mate sorry its late
  9. Theres one of these pumps on ebay now, lots of money ! Item no 384251154220
  10. Hello Don I have enlarged that part of the sheet, it only lists what fuels to use, not the actual fuel mix ratio, sorry Looking through my O&R literature I can't find a mix ratio for any of the aero engines...
  11. Now then Mark Have a good one mate Paul and Wendy
  12. Happy birthday to the legend that is The Showman ! Have a great day mate
  13. Our local event so popped up for a look this morning Not much horticultural but one or two machines of interest...
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