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  1. pmackellow

    Martin Markham Colt Deluxe

    With what mate ?
  2. pmackellow

    Martin Markham Colt Deluxe

    Nice winter project for someone It's had gears replaced in the gearbox, a new battery and two new back tyres to go on Theres also another rear end with drive shaft and a selection of gears It's been standing so the clutch is stuck, but all there, engine runs Priced at what it owes me, £650 ono Collection only from Crowborough, East Sussex. pm me for more details. Thanks for looking
  3. pmackellow

    Newby Hall 2019 Tractor Fest.

    Not going this year, will be up to Yorkshire for Christmas though !
  4. pmackellow

    Another Chainsaw Restoration

    Nice job, I like that
  5. pmackellow

    O&R in the new shed

    Any luck ?
  6. pmackellow


    Happy New year to all, hope your 2019 is a good one !
  7. pmackellow

    Allen Scythe Sprayer

    Thats a nice outfit Dave Bit different to a normal Allen Scythe !
  8. pmackellow

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 from Wendy and me May all your projects be good ones !
  9. pmackellow

    O&R in the new shed

    No the vacuum is outside the shed as it has the wrong power plant lol
  10. pmackellow

    O&R in the new shed

    Thanks !
  11. pmackellow

    Ohlsson & Rice Dyna-Mite gas tank

    Hello Clint, no problem
  12. pmackellow

    Ohlsson & Rice Dyna-Mite gas tank

    Hello gents I will move these topics to the O&R section for you Paul (moderator)
  13. pmackellow

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    Museum ? Yep, all part of the long term future plan
  14. pmackellow

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    Third Mustang joined its brothers in the Yellow and White shed this afternoon... Metal on order to make a chainguard and its about done.
  15. pmackellow

    Trojan mk1

    Won't be getting any Air Miles with this one then !