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  1. pmackellow

    Corona project

    You'll think of something mate
  2. Looks great mate, I see the nose of the mighty Anglebox crept into shot !
  3. David; 230v fuse is 2A (I think,very faded) 12v fuse is 20A
  4. Thats very nice and quite unusual !
  5. I'll have a look at the fuses tomorrow
  6. I have a Turbair sprayer with a Fox engine on as well
  7. Had this in storage, brought it back home last week (before the lockdown), only got it out of the box this afternoon Its an Amp Champ Generator with an Italian Fox F7 engine in it, the last two photos show it with my Ohlsson Rice powered version...
  8. Proper job Mr Showman, glad that starter cup worked !
  9. I managed to get one from a local lawn mower dealer, thanks for the offer !
  10. Hope it does the job Chris
  11. The one at the back with no chain looks familiar !
  12. Now tidied up and on the end of the O&R shelf with a copy of the right literature (with English translation)...
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