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  1. Ah thats good then, I replied to Patrick the editor with a couple of photos he asked for some more so he could do a small article...
  2. The latest copy of Stationary Engine magazine arrived today, complete with a small article on some of our Ohlsson Rice machines...
  3. Thats really sad news R.I.P Norm and condolences to the family Paul and Wendy
  4. On the way home from Yorkshire after the Newby Hall event, we stopped in Norfolk to do the Swanton Morley rally for a day. Just the Wheelhorse Commando 8 on show from us, with a couple of bits we bought at Newby Hall. Nice little event with plenty to see...
  5. Just had a great weekend in North Yorkshire at Tractorfest. We took our 1968 Wheelhorse Commando 8 and trailed Wheelhorse aerator Mark Smith organised the 2023 Wheelhorse Roundup and got 25 tractors this year.
  6. Yes I was guessing kill switch (or what's left of it) Unit now treated to new cowling decal and its on the shelf with its mates, with appropriate literature...
  7. A new addition to the O&R collection arrived today, a Drillgine drill Quite tidy and will soon join its colleagues in the shed...
  8. good evening,


    do you still have any information on Martin Markham Colt Deluxe tractors.  I have just picked one up and looking for any advice. where in Sussex are you? I am near Bewl Water


    1. pmackellow


      Sorry for late reply, not one here much these days, I have very little information on tehse tractors its very hard to come by.


  9. Aye us Southerners do apparently ! Chris is still in Haywards Heath Hospital and his therapy sessions are continuing, sounds like he is making progress Keep going Mr Showman !
  10. Update on The Showman He has now been moved to Haywards Heath hospital which has a specialised stroke unit Unfortunately he now has covid as well ! The good news is his left side which at the time of the stroke was not working at all is coming back, Chris can lift his left leg and arm and can clench his left hand into a fist Keep fighting mate we are all with you ! Paul and Wendy
  11. This arrived today, a test report by the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering (NIAE) in the UK on a model J compact engine. An interesting read, nearly 3 hours into a 24 hour running test the gearbox siezed due to a broken tooth and parts from another engine were used to repair it. A further 16 hours later and the unit was stopped for excessive clutch slip. The NIAE concluded that this unit is "not suitable for general farming use", so not exactly a thumbs up then !
  12. Just got off the phone to Chris... He is waiting to be transferred to a speicalised Stroke Unit at Haywards Heath hospital, hopefully in the next few days He's missing his own bed and very bored !! All the best Mr Showman Paul and Wendy
  13. Just to let you good folk know on here, Chris Sutton rang me this afternoon, he has had a stroke and a bleed on the brain and is in intensive care in Brighton Hospital. Not good news, I have known Chris quite a few years and he is a good mate, please join me in wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery Thanks Paul
  14. I remembered that there was a 4th Fox P7 engine in storage so that has been brought home, tidied up and put on display with the others This one had a cowling with a complete pull start so that was swapped with the Turbair one to make that a complete unit.
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