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  1. Won this on ebay, arrived during this week Its a shorter blade length than the two I already have so £12.50 well spent !
  2. Thanks David, yes thats what I thought as regards shipping Pity though...
  3. Brian I would absolutely love this but I'm in the UK so I assume shipping would be a no no... Hope one of your fellow US collectors snaps it up Paul
  4. Nice find Ben, your old one is still in safe hands
  5. Correct units ? I did use the correct units, thousandths of a meter, sorry metre !
  6. Just had a look, the plate is 130mm wide, 175mm tall, and the bottom lip is 25mm wide Hope that helps
  7. If you mean the vertical black plate (photo 4 and 5), I should be able to get the overall dimensions, hole locations etc will be a bit more tricky now its assembled but I'll have a look for you
  8. One of my US colleagues put me onto this on the bay of e so a purchase was made... Image blown up on photocopier
  9. Here's the literature that came with the box.
  10. Now in its display box which arrived today...
  11. Well it took its time getting here from the USA but its finally arrived... Neat model 60 engine display box and associated literature, some good additions to the collection...
  12. Sorry late to answer this one 4 sprinklers including a Cooper Stewart, a Centribine and a Square Spray Lowell sprayer Spade foot, billhook and pruning saw Great selection, nice barrow as well !
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum Sorry I can't help as regards a spare recoil as I have no spares, but hopefully one of the usual visitors on here may be able to help you Paul
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