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  1. pmackellow


    Hello Roy Mowett Mustangs are not that common in the UK, literature is very hard to find ! Welcome to the forum, as Nigel says there are post about them on here, I currently own 3 in varying states of repair ! Paul
  2. Happy birthday mate have a good one
  3. Thats nice ! Great to have the box as well
  4. The Boadicea did not have blades on it so it has none fitted at present...
  5. I think Steve had yours mate, my Mark 2 came from South Wales
  6. The shed itself is ok, the mower just fitted neatly in that corner opposite the shelving with the other O&R machines !
  7. It's my wifes 100 Its not that one Alan, if I had seen the one at Johns I would have had that ! Many thanks !
  8. Back together and out of the workshop
  9. Thanks, you were my inspiration on this one !
  10. Thanks, I have clear lacquered the deck so its got a bit of protection !
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