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  1. South East Marts Sale at South Godstone yesterday Not much vintage there, no Wheelhorses, a few bits in photos below, I was good and bought nowt other than breakfast...
  2. Picked this up from Worthing on the South Coast today Its a Turbair Sprite 12 volt sprayer. looks like new ! Unusual plug on it...
  3. Great lineup Mr Showman Albert and Pocket Rocket in on the act as well !
  4. Bought this earlier in the year, have been asked for some photos of it... No makers name sadly...
  5. Happy birthday Joseph, hope you have a good day !
  6. I'll look them out later and put them on a new post, bit off topic for this one... Done, see topic "Folding Wheelbarrow" in the Pedestrian Operated Machines section of the forum
  7. No that was a writers blonde moment !
  8. Thank you kind sir ! I do a regular article for the magazine.
  9. Happy birthday Andrew Hope you've had a good one !
  10. Got to admit I quite like that green, its very similar to Lawnboy green (RAL6108) Your saw, your choice...
  11. Oi, who are you calling a geek ?
  12. Happy birthday Dave, have a good one mate Hopefully see you at an event next year !
  13. pmackellow


    Hello Roy Mowett Mustangs are not that common in the UK, literature is very hard to find ! Welcome to the forum, as Nigel says there are post about them on here, I currently own 3 in varying states of repair ! Paul
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