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  1. As you say David it looks homemade, neat though !!
  2. Just to be awkward why not do one as a tricycle and one four wheeler ? 8 inch wheels on both You'll still have a display set with the Rowcrop and the Triang plus a conventional one
  3. That will keep you busy Mr Showman When did the fibreglass bodied Lawn Ranger appear, about 1970 wasn't it ?
  4. See you there Dave we will be in on Friday morning
  5. Happy birthday chaps Have a good one !
  6. Another one from Machinery Decals
  7. This one ? Decals from Titch at Machinery Decals Paul
  8. Thats nice ! I bought just the engine and base in the UK some time ago and was lucky to find the correct compressor in the US, so completing the set... Paul
  9. Happy birthday Iain, hope you've had a good day !
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