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  1. Our local event so popped up for a look this morning Not much horticultural but one or two machines of interest...
  2. They go for about £40 - £50 each when on ebay, so not worth a great deal Paul
  3. South East Marts sale at Herstmonceux this morning Weather not great and I only bought breakfast but I did get a few photos...
  4. Dixon air cannon mate photo 11 and 12 Only a fiver !
  5. Socially distanced collective sale at Ardingly this morning One or two interesting items...
  6. Won this on ebay, arrived during this week Its a shorter blade length than the two I already have so £12.50 well spent !
  7. Thanks David, yes thats what I thought as regards shipping Pity though...
  8. Brian I would absolutely love this but I'm in the UK so I assume shipping would be a no no... Hope one of your fellow US collectors snaps it up Paul
  9. Nice find Ben, your old one is still in safe hands
  10. Correct units ? I did use the correct units, thousandths of a meter, sorry metre !
  11. Just had a look, the plate is 130mm wide, 175mm tall, and the bottom lip is 25mm wide Hope that helps
  12. If you mean the vertical black plate (photo 4 and 5), I should be able to get the overall dimensions, hole locations etc will be a bit more tricky now its assembled but I'll have a look for you
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