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  1. Happy birthday Dave See you at Newark ?
  2. Great photos Dave thanks for sharing
  3. That is VERY nice !
  4. Now then Mark ! Hope you had a good one mate
  5. Happy Birthday to Chris Sutton aka The Showman today Have a good one mate
  6. Got enough in the collection for now, not had any problems bringing stuff over from the US...
  7. Thats a beast Dave I like that ! Charlie Moore is your man for info on that
  8. Tidied up and in place with the Ohlsson Rice collection Now waiting for a few bits to complete it.
  9. David, I think I can raid a carb from the spares engine (if not have you got a spare please?) I will need to source a tank also Yes please to the spec plate
  10. pmackellow

    Eye! Eye!

    Good idea Norm
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