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Sears 500 Briggs Model N

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 Well, now that I've been bit by the antique engine bug again, I thought I'd share another engine. This is one I bought a year or two ago, and never got around to messing with. Its an early production Sears 500 Briggs Model N. When I got this engine, it had two of the mounting ears broke off the base, so I replaced it with an extra one I had on the shelf. Only problem is the one on my shelf had been repainted, so it doesn't blend in very well.  :lol: All I had to do to get this one running was clean the carburetor, and clean the carbon out of the head. It already had good fire, so I haven't even looked at the points. I have no intention of restoring this one, as its so original, and still runs great. Its nice to have a few nice original engines sitting next to my restored one.  :)   Here are a few pics, and a video.













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Nice engine Matt!!   If I ever make a visit to Texas, I've got to stop-by and check out your collection.....someday Matt...some day. :)

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