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  1. Terry M

    Terry M

  2. I just noticed that it appears to have a Tecumseh recoil mounted on it....
  3. Those little Kohler k91s are some tough little engines...have picked up a few myself. Just wish rebuild parts weren't SO expensive.
  4. Good way to get under and clean er up .....might have to copy that..
  5. Nice engine Matt!! If I ever make a visit to Texas, I've got to stop-by and check out your collection.....someday Matt...some day.
  6. Matt, That Looks very Nice!! With all those engines you have ....you would fit right in up here at our annual power pioneer days!! I think you'd steal the whole show with the talent you have.
  7. Just watched the video....Another Nice running Briggs'.....not surprised Nice Work Matt!!
  8. Good things take time....looking forward to it
  9. Very Nice Matt!! Glad to see your still collecting those old briggs"
  10. Terry M

    Bolens G14

    Nice collection of Bolens Tractors
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