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Charlie Smith

1950 Ferguson TEA-20

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I picked up this Ferguson TEA-20 the other day along with a few other goodies, (posted on here somewhere) I haven't managed to found much out about the tractor as of yet, only that it was sold new local to me, (SUSSEX TRACTORS LTD, 33 THE HIGH STREET UCKFIELD) I received the log book the other day and I am the 6th owner from new, the old boy I brought it from had owned it since January 1999. Ill keep this thread going with the stages from  the restoration,


I started on it this week and have replaced the head gasket along with all the other top gaskets (Manifolds, Thermostat, Rocker Cover etc) The head gasket was leaking quite badly and when I removed the head it was clear why... none of the other gaskets needed replacing but seeing it come in a kit with all the new top end gaskets I replaced them whilst I was there... I finally got it back together this afternoon and took it for a nice drive this evening, no leaks from any of the gaskets! :D Next on my list is to replace all the filters and change the engine oil, and then change the transmission/hydraulics oil, once I've done that I will then be ordering lots of new bits and start to get it ready for painting and refitting all new shiny bits once its painted up!  


I'll keep you updated!


The little man got a bit excited when he knew he was going out on 'fergie'  :P



Oh and he tried telling me how to fix it with his screwdriver! :lol: 






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Great fun the ole grey Fergies , I took mine to Morrisons to get some groceries once , loved it .

have fun with your new found friend  chaz , 

i was thinking of getting rid of mine soon but do do think you have inspired me to keep her now 

thank you


my the little guy has grown 

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