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Went to pick up a Wolseley 500 mower yesterday and picked up another Wolseley WD1 / 11 ( EN 12171 ) and a nice pair of cast wheels and axle off the same guy .

The head / hopper was rusted on solid and my little blowlamp kept going out due to the depth of the tank to head killing the flame .

The easy solution was to turn the Wolseley into a BBQ .

I covered the bottom of the tank with ASDA wood pellet cat litter and let it run it's course latter  -30 mins latter and  off it came with a gentle pry with a 18" crowbar .

Never tried this before ( using cat litter ) but have on occasion put a little petrol in cylinders and let it burn to free up stuck pistons .

Tip for the cat litter wood pellets - Dry them out in the sun / oven otherwise they do not burn correctly and can be smokey and try to keep the water ways open to allow the air to feed the fire.




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