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Looking for parts for Tiny Tiger Model 300

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I was recently given a Tiny Tiger Generator Model 300.

I would like to get it running and maybe restore it.

It does need a few parts like a coil and a new air filter. The hard epoxy on the coil is now like sticky rubber and the air filter is badly bent.

It has great compression. What would be the best oil ratio to use start an engine that has not run in decades? Should I flush it with a lube first?

Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



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Hi Terry


The parts you are after are quite hard to find.


I guess something has reacted badly with the plastic of the coil to make it sticky, it may be possible to find to find something to coat it with or stabilise it, if the coil still works OK of coarse. I have seen this problem with earlier coils but I don't think I have one with that problem so can't experiment to find a solution.


Could you take some pictures of the damaged air filter, it may be possible the bend it back to make it usable. I have done this before as they are one of the most commonly missing parts and it can be very hard to find replacements.


I recommend you read the carb repair thread if you haven't done already.

Two stroke oils have improved considerably over the years since these engines were made, the recommended mix is 32 to 1, use a good quality AIR cooled two stroke oil. I have been using Stihl HP oil for mine.

Not sure it's possible to flush out these engines as dirt tends to get trapped in the crankcase section.



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