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The Dirty Dozen

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Well they are actually fairly clean except for some recent saw dust in cutting down the damaged plum tree. My newest addition is a red XL-76, its a 58.1cc saw made from 1974 to 1984 for the Canadian market. It came with its original 16" sprocket tip bar and good chain. This is my first, but not last, Canadian made Homelite made by Terry Industries of  Pointe Claire, Quebec. The top row are 58.1 cc saws, the second row is 77 and 82 cc saws, and the bottom row are 37-41 cc Models EZ, Super EZ, and Super Mini SL. The bottom row saws are about 11 pounds while the second row are 14.5 pounds, and the top row come in just under 14 pounds. Many of these models were made  just a few years with two only being produced one year. I have another 25-28 models yet to acquire. Is 40 chainsaws too many? I might be able to cut it down to 35. My wife is a Saint, truly a Saint.







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