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O&R 0.85hp (tiny tiger) - Carburetor parts? Coil refurb?

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4 hours ago, Webhead said:

I think David is right, it's probably somebody's replacement for 131 or 15 on your photo.


Exactly what I thought, I guess original spares were probably more difficult to find before the internet existed, especially in countries with few or no service shops or parts distributors for O&R's.



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19 hours ago, Morrisoft said:

Interesting - the very same supplier I used for the NGK. I think maybe I took their last CM6 then, as they didn't have any others on their eBay store. It's certainly 10mm which is good to have confirmed. Almost identical to the one it replaced other than a slightly different washer on the thread.


I had thought around 1965 as this was when the gentleman who owned it mentioned purchasing it, just wondered if there were exact dates but a confirmation of 1965 is suffice.


It's interesting to note that yours too has a different screw for one of the 4 tank mounts. Mine is simply a hex bolt of the same length, I assume due to lack of clearance around the engine for a screwdriver to reach it without completely dismantling all shrouds first.


Is bluing like oil blacking, or are they the same think by a different name? Tempted to give it a try if this is the case as I've done this before.





Still available according to their website;


Seems to be the spark plug used on the 1960's Honda E300 generator.


The parts list that came with my Tiny Tor is dated August 1964, the next update of the parts diagram I have is dated November 1965, so a date of around 1965 is probably right.


They only used the fourth threaded hole in the tank on the earliest engines, which had a stud/nut fitted below the carb. The different screws fitted here are none original. I guess they never changed the tank design though.



Steel bluing giving a black oxide finish is not the same as oil blacking as far as I know, the bluing process involves various chemicals depending on the process used, oil can be used at the end of the process for rust prevention;



Have a look on youtube for bluing of guns or knives to see the process.


Looks like there are two methods for oil blacking, dipping heated parts in oil or baking oiled parts, some info here;




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