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Mowbot, robot mower traction motors

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Not exactly old but, it seems, as rare as hens' teeth!

In 2007 Mowbots were distributed by Henton and Chattell in Nottingham but as too often seems to happen in the garden machinery world the manufacturer was not satisfied with Henton's efforts and gave the agency to a company based in Southern Ireland. Let's just say that from then on things went downhill and spares become a problem and now either non existent or eye wateringly expensive. 

We sold several, two of which survived until now: one with a former customer has just died (the bot, not the customer!) and one, another former customer's machine,  with me which is on borrowed time with worn traction motors. These motors are still available at over £220 + vat each  - not a good proposition for a 10 year old machine.

So, if anyone knows the whereabouts of a "spares or repairs" L300 Mowbot , I would love to know about it. 




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