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    On Monday I decided to give the C-125 a good going over, as I was not happy with the way it was running since the rebuild. Poor idle and stopping after a while if left running.

  I'd already reset the points gap last week with a small improvement. Decide to check the valve clearances. So breather off and found Inlet fine but exhaust a tad tight.  Reset and refitted the breather. I also refitted the recon carb I'd got off Richard. (Anglotraction).

  After much carb tweeking it's now running much better. But after mowing the green and verges yesterday, I found oil was seeping out the breather vent. Couldn't think why it should but decided to remove it this morning. Now I've done this several times on my Kohler engined Wheel Horses without any problems.

  I'm fairly methodical when taking things apart, putting things down in order of removal. Had a good teacher in my late father. What I found was I'd assembled the breather wrongly. :rolleyes: How I don't know. The filter was behind the baffle and the baffle the wrong way round. :confused: 

  Just shows that no matter how experienced you are and how many times you've done something, mistakes can be made. 

  I also fitted a new gasket to the fuel pump, as that had developed a slight weep also.

  After running the engine for around 15 minutes, no leaks visible.




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