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  1. Happy birthday Norman have a good day Great Grandad! Good day for roller building in the workshop !
  2. Happy birthday Harry , have a good one.
  3. Congratulations Norman
  4. Looks like a fantastic setting is it near the river?
  5. Managed to strip the blown engine today, crank snapped in two places,conrod amazingly bent, fortunately piston and barrels are unharmed I will salvage what parts I can for someone else.
  6. No planning to dig a pond at some point so will keep it.
  7. Another three gone today, two MG6 and the Jarrett MG5, Had a disaster with TVo MG6 spent the whole day yesterday serciceing and getting it started, ran for a couple of minutes and then big bang crankshaft snapped through one of the webs, conrod through the block piston smashed serious mess, fortunately I have enough spares to build up a replacement but never the less they are not leaving without a fight. Now down to 137, Digger, ITW Barge and two sand skimmers.
  8. Sounds as if you may have a blockage at the fuel tank outlet, sometimes there is a fine gauze mesh filter which gets blocked. Unscrew the fuel tap from the tank and you should see it, if not try blowing low pressure air from a foot pump up the fuel line back in to the tank.
  9. I used a 45 gallon plastic drum with a 6mm weldmesh grid against the inside wall all round, worked very well on 12 volt charger 4 amps, just out of interest I tried an old 80 amp stick welder as the power supply, the weldmesh disappeared overnight and the liquid was nearly boiling, item to be de rusted was immaculate but very black !!!!
  10. Although spare axle was not a Peerless, the only difference in the brake assembly was the mounting bolts were M8 on the new one and M6 on the old so I drilled the crankcase and re tapped to the larger size. Many thanks Norman.
  11. Does it have the small disc brake fitted to the left side?
  12. Does anyone have the small disc brake caliper assembly off a Peerless transaxle as fitted to Husqvarna Ride on mowers, mine has failed and new parts not available mower tends to run away on the steep drive which is not good for the blood pressure.
  13. What did you do with it , a galvanised chassis would last far too long normal steel would outlast you WADR.
  14. Sorry to hear that Norman that was a good old bus. So ends a lifetime link with Land Rovers another era ends !!!!
  15. Winch ITW has now gone, dumper is advertised lots of interest in other machines and most spares have now gone. I have virtually met lots of very nice people it is very pleasing to help so many machines to come back to life.
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