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  1. Gareth has made contact hoping to collect Wednesday.
  2. I managed to buy these off E Bay hoping to collect them next week waiting for seller to send address details.
  3. Great photos Norman thank you I am sorry I missed what was obviously a great day.
  4. I am interested in these implements ,would you palletise them for collection by my courier as I am based near Carlisle? Please can you send me some more photos to cox746@btinternet.com thanks.
  5. Many thanks Norman lovely day in the sunshine
  6. Very nice I am envious of the gang mowers. Do you have the rear three point linkage?
  7. I don't have one but I think that you can download one from the net, there are a number of companies that do it at a cost. Any pictures of your machine and tools?
  8. Very smart now I see why you were at the woodyard!
  9. That is good news keep on trucking Chris!
  10. Here's hoping for a full recovery Chris it will take time .
  11. So sorry to hear that hope all goes well Chris.
  12. what a shame Norman I hate seeing trees that have been weakened and ultimately destroyed by ivy looks as if there could be more to come unless someone takes an axe to the ivy stems. Take care when you cut it. JC
  13. Happy Birthday Norman have a good day . How is the pup doing?
  14. Cute ! You must have decided you have a few years left in you !!
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