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  1. Is that a lefthand haggis or a righthand? Which way was it running around the hill?
  2. You never know Norman TVR is a probability.
  3. That is good news Norman I shall look forward to it.
  4. Very tidy Norman you will be able to join in on some road runs now!
  5. I have a set of four wooden cases that are the carriers for the glass cell accumulator batteries sadly the accumulators are long gone.
  6. Yes still available you are welcome to it. Hope you will post some pictures of your bunker.
  7. Thanks Skookum I will e mail you after the holiday. Have a good one.
  8. How much for all 3 delivered to CA7 8DH UK ?
  9. That model carb is also used as a replacement for the Amal 356 as fitted to Ransomes MG 6 & 40 crawlers. My experience is that the engine runs smoother and is able to tick over slower helping with gear engagement.
  10. That looks as if it will clean up well. I used a similar machine made by Stihl as a starter motor for my Ransomes Crawlers. It worked well on machines with a decompressor and on those without as long as you turned the flywheel to past compression it would usually spin them over.
  11. The barge tractor is going to a new home near Bristol just need a new home for the sand skimmer machines.
  12. That's annoying for you your photos are always greatly appreciated on this site, you need an upgrade allowance from the moderators.
  13. There's a first Stormin lost for words!!!!!
  14. Following another couple of ambulance visits to hospital, I now have decided it is time to clear my remaining MG tractors. I have two skimmers and enough new spares to build one, the MG6 ITW Barge Tractor, several MG 5/6 crankcases, a complete Drayton diesel engine and spare heads, pumps and governors. If anything is of interest send me a message thanks.
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