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  1. blocked main fuel jet in carb?
  2. Cute ! You must have decided you have a few years left in you !!
  3. can you please assist me with ramsone turf trak 4 manual and mover belt size and layout

  4. Hi There

    Did you sell all your Ransomes MG collection or do you have any left for sale?

    1. expeatfarmer


      Hello there, most of my tractors have gone I still have the wheeled barge tractor ITW with steering wheel ( replica ) one complete sand skimmer and a second with a full set of new parts to rebuild.


  5. Excellent photos as usual Norman many thanks for sharing. Looks like a good day out.!
  6. I came across these pictures today have you seen them before? One of my Turf Trax was originally a bank mower.
  7. Be a lot better without three sand skimmers !!!
  8. My old MG2 from feb 1936 is about to go to a new home in Gloucestershire. Rebuilt from a pile of scrap in 2016 to as near ex factory as I could get it, it is now time for it to go to a new home, not without a fight though it has not been run for three years so a good day was spent stripping the car. magneto, de- compressor . Surprised myself that I managed to crank start it without immediate cardiac issues!. Last time it was shown I covered it in a mix of WD40 and oil which over the years has collected dust so that it now has a patina that looks it's 86 years. I managed to get it to run and had a good charge around the garden for old time sake. Sad to see it go but too many projects left to deal with. As far as I know 137 is the oldest known MG2 crawler being number 36 of the line, it has the Sturmey Archer 600cc side valve engine fitted with the chain crank starter mechanism, open exhaust and flat top engine cowling fitted with a cycle brake lever to operate the decompressor.
  9. The design is very clever if you hit a rock or a stump instead of potentially stalling the tractor the blade snaps forwards against the tension of the two big springs . Once clear of the obstruction you stop or lift the blade and it snaps back to normal.
  10. No but I got a nice new pallet and a load of twist wire included.!
  11. Cruel to be kind Norman last year some must have got into my garages and been shut in starving to death so keep them out or make a way so they can fly in and out.
  12. Managed to get it fitted and operational spent a few hours levelling off the drive and made a huge difference, really pleased with it has to be my bargain of the year new price in the States is $1600
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