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  1. Sorry to hear that Norman that was a good old bus. So ends a lifetime link with Land Rovers another era ends !!!!
  2. Winch ITW has now gone, dumper is advertised lots of interest in other machines and most spares have now gone. I have virtually met lots of very nice people it is very pleasing to help so many machines to come back to life.
  3. Part of the fun of collecting the crawlers was meeting new people with shared enthusiasm for these machines. Strangely, going through all my glory holes and pulling out all the machines and spares I have and then dealing with new enthusiasts looking for parts has been equal fun it is good to know that as a result of my bits many other machines will be up and running.It has also been really pleasing to see that many of the enthusiasts are youngsters late teens and early twenties as well as the older group. I still have piles of stuff to go through so if anyone is needing a particular part I am happy to have a look and see if I have one.
  4. Impressive piece of work between you, fair price for the work and material involved good luck with them I know some MG2 owners will be delighted to get one .
  5. What will you do with all the brownie points ?
  6. Thanks Norman you are welcome for a social distance coffee if you are passing. I was pleased to be able to extract the set for photos before they left, extracting the whitlock will be a tougher job. Good to see them in your garden Harry looks like plenty of playing space.
  7. Today the first three of my tractors departed for pastures new, I have sold my set of 4 MG40 and my Whitlock loader. Three of them left today so now I have a big space in my garage !!!! Quite a unique photo not seen a full set of MG 40 as a group before.
  8. Good to see life goes on !
  9. Thank you going to have a virtual party with the grandchildren later. Nice sunny day so out in the garden.
  10. Just a chancer trying to double his money
  11. Looked on line today to see if I could find one, found three or four straight away at prices ranging from £160 to£220 ! One guy admits he bought two and includes the original receipt !
  12. Sent my man in to get one but none in stock.
  13. I have tried Oakham on your advice, sadly they have no space. Looks as if I will have to break the collection so all up for grabs, my friends are going to photo each one to list on the web.
  14. Thank you for all the kind messages, yes it is sad to part with my collection, but equally sad seeing them all sitting there for no purpose when others could be enjoying them.
  15. Does anyone know of a museum or collector that would like to buy my collection of MG Crawlers and derivatives, 18 machines in total all bar 1 are in running order some fully restored and some as original. Included are two ITW wheeled machines, a complete sand skimmer with a lifetime of brand new old stock spares, A Whitlock WR8 loader and a Ransomes MG6 dumper. I have tried the Ipswich museum but they have no space or money. If I can sell as a collection I am open to a reasonable offer .Happy for anyone to view. As far as I know this is the only collection of each model and variant from 1936 to 1965.
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