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  1. expeatfarmer


    Afraid its an age thing Norman I do it all the time and you have 10 years on me so dont be too hard on yourself.
  2. I have a length of flexible stainless chimney liner if that is any good to you FREE.
  3. expeatfarmer

    Eye! Eye!

    Look like seat belt mounts for full harness left over from your Land Rover days. I have a few on some of my crawlers, saves rubbing off the paint.
  4. Thanks for the photos Norman I was fed up at not being able to attend ,my neighbour Ken was there on a bus trip from Carlisle vintage club.
  5. It would be a ho ho hoe if it was. Specially built to jump over the plants.
  6. Thanks very much just been back in for 10 days but getting there slowly.
  7. Built in Wales as a means of employing injured ex miners. They made the J40 cars on the film and also a single seater racer known as the Pathfinder these are very rare and make £4-5000 when restored.
  8. I bet that Father Xmas was a popular chap this year what a great present well done!
  9. All the best Neil plenty of cake !
  10. Happy birthday too to the Fife PLOOMAN
  11. Top one is for squeezing as many parcels as possible into a Christmas stocking. Lower one is for trimming reindeer toe nails !
  12. Ransomes actually built an electric version that was mains powered via an umbilical power lead I think it was sometime in the 40's
  13. Nothing wrong with growing pumpkins!!!!
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