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A Murphy Day.

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 This morning I refitted the finger bar, sickle bar to you lads States side, to the C-81 now it's trans' is fixed. Everything was working fine so decided to have a go at an overgrown section of the bridleway. 

  One pass down then back up. That was then Murphy decided to put a spoke in. The finger bar came loose on the gearbox. Only one bolt was stopping it from falling off completely. :blink: And yes! I had tightened them.

  OK then! I'll fit new bolts and this time I'll remember to use thread locker. Murphy struck again. I was rather short on imperial bolts of the correct size. So paid a visit to the local smithy. I wasn't holding out much hope, but in old stock the required bolts were obtained. :)

  Put everything back together, this time using thread locker. So lets have another test. That Murphy was having a field day. Tractor wouldn't start. Flat battery. I had left the ignition on. :angry-banghead: Battery now on charge, but things will have to wait till Wednesday

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