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Hi all from Australia. 

I have been collecting these motors for many years and now have the Chainsaw 

Generator and a new 3/4hp motor withe reduction box.

Am looking to buy the starter spring for a .85hp Generator and the base plate if possible. 

Thx Sinclair. 





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If you have the spring but the end is broken, it can be repaired. Do you still have the spring? The pull rope looks brand new so someone was in there

Anything beside engine parts is usually difficult to find and come by. Finding partial engines and tools is best. I had to make a base for mine. Not very difficult if you have some basic tools like a way to cut and grind metal.

Search around the O&R section as there have been plenty of threads on the TT generators. Here's the recoil repair thread that goes over the spring repair if it's broken. Click on the picture




This is just a different style generator head but basically the same thing. Scroll down and you can see the base that was made.




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