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    Hi all this is my latest challenge for 2018 my Gutbrod 1032 raking and rolling and my merry tiller dozing the bumps and hollows all my attachments all worked well hope you like
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    Wheel Horse SD Deck

    Today, doing a bit of tiding up on the workshop bench, I came across an idler pulley with kaput bearing. I realised then why the belt was too short. The pulley was off the cutter drive belt tensioner. I'd replaced it with one I found among bits I'd saved of a Husqvarna I'd broken. That is a slightly bigger diameter to the one on the bench. No wonder the belt wouldn't fit.
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    A Good Day Out.

    My vintage club ran a coach trip over the border yesterday. We went to see a vintage tractor collectors private museum and also to The Falkirk Wheel. First the museum. Situated near Cupar, Fife. Mainly Case tractors but many other makes as well. Also there are his wagons he used to go too shows. We were made very welcome, with free tea/coffee and biscuits. They make no charge but accept donations to the R.N.L.I. A very tidy black top Wheel Horse of Belgium make, judging from the Mountfield sticker. Unfortunately I didn't get to see what model etc. As you can see it was being used as an extra table. On to the tractors. All displayed in buildings that I wasn't jealous of one little bit. A little Kubota that earns it's keep. The second we saw that day. The first at the services we stopped at for breakfast. A couple of crawlers. This old mobile crane was hiding in another building. The Scammell tractor he used for towing his Showmans caravan next to it. He used to go to the Devon Steam Fair. It would take him a while. Nice mini steam wagon. Just one of the shelving with items on. There was bits and bobs everywhere. This photo is for the Showman. From the museum, we went to the Falkirk Wheel. Quite impressive. Worth a visit if your around that way. If you don't like heights, don't look down. If you Google the Falkirk Wheel you can find out all about it. Finally the Kelpies. That was the name given to the horses that towed the barges on the canal. There are two at the wheel, but only about 12ft high. These two are by the canal not far from the wheel. A little bit more than 12ft. It was a good day. Weather stayed fine. The 5am wake up I'm not so sure about.
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    the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Now the disruption of Christmas is over its back to the shed. This is a Raider 10 thats been in the back of my woodstore for a few years and during my rebuild on the Raider 12 ive been piling bits together to put it together. Had a bit of a late start as i had to clear all the sawdust after sawing up a load of wood during the last couple of days. This is as far as ive got today apart from the chassis is now sanded down to bare metal
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    the showman

    Ride-on Tractor lift

    Had to go and pick up a caravan from having a remote self levelling system fitted and while i was there I couldn't help but notice they had a large scrap pile. I just had to have a rummage ( i just couldn't help myself). I found a frame with a scissor lift and 3 electric 12 volt motors that came out of a mobility van. I asked the chap in the workshop if I could buy it and he said take what you want he even gave me a hand to load it, i gave him £20 for their teapot fund. I hitched up and was just about to leave when the boss came out and gave me the money back and said he was happy I could make use of it.
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    the showman

    Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Exhibitors who came last year should be getting their entry forms this week, anyone else that would like to come just PM me . This year there will be a working area as normal and a field of potatoes to harvest that will need lifting and bagging so bring your kit.
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    F.A.O. Alan.

    Alan, you asked about the two man saw from Johns place. Here it is in its new home. And this is what Carol does with old stock garden pots we got from a local garden centre. After your truly has cleaned and given them two coats of Sandtex smooth white.
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    Webb mower

    Well after being ribbed at the weekend for using a flymo I picked this 1976? Webb 2hp up on a selling site for £25 . Very pleased with it as it runs well I do need to try to work out how to slow the drive down on it as it takes off a bit faster than I can move 😂
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    Third 2018 Ardingly Collective Sale

    Yes There was a pile of allen scythes all fit for scrap. 2 mayfields which did not fetch mutch but were tidy. Auto culto in poor shape. A early greens push mower which I should have saved. BMB Cult mate with plough but had newish tyres I did not buy any of it One think I did buy was a pair of petrol compressors with kohler engines. One is electric start & looks like its not done a lot of work. That engine is going into a white tractor
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    the showman

    Toro The Sequel

    Its out of the van now and done a few laps of the garden. After a play I powerwashed the dust off and cleaned the seat.
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    the showman

    Toro The Sequel

    Sitting on the Toro this morning in the back of the van making broom broom noises I noticed there was no spinner on the wheel. Had a rummage in the shed and found a couple of them left over from my American car days
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    the showman

    Toro The Sequel

    Yes he did
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    De' Ja' Vu

    Toro now owns Hayter so are "rationalising" the parts bin.
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    the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Had some time today and as the weather was crap i thought I'd have an hour in the shed. First job was to clean the axles and shafts and remove the old oil seals, this was done by piercing the seal with a pointed tool then pull it out with a hook tool. i needed something to push the new seals in and used a short bit of water pipe and a piece of tube from a trampoline frame that just happened to be an exact fit, i put a bit of tape over the keyway slot so the new seal wouldn't snag up or get damaged. I used some rubber lubricant and they went in really easy.
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    ooh sounds like a nice mad project, so, would a volvo 850 drivetrain do? i might be able to get one of those cheap
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    the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Still waiting for the oil seals to turn up so only a small update, just a few more bits primered.
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    the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Got a few more bits sanded down and primered
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    the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Managed to get in the shed and do a bit more. i finished getting the rust and crap off the chassis and got a coat of primer on it and sorted out a couple of attach a matic thingys.
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    Little Petro mini bike

    Courtesy of 10242130 Here is a Brochure picture of a Little Petro minibike.It was made in the early to mid 60's by Odom Manufacturing.This is the same company that made the Petro Powered Products Drill that is on this site along with quite a few other Ohllson & Rice powered tools.Jim Odom also Produced the Comet C Saw for Comet.I will be putting pictures of my Little Petro bikes on this site soon,I need to crop them all as the file size's are too big . Only about 12 of these bikes have been located to date,quite a rare bike. This particular Brochure shows the bike with a TAS engine,but early on,they used the Olhsson & Rice. With O&R
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    Morning all, a small update for ya.. I have been mostly spending a lot of time at the lathe turning down this, boring out that, and trueing up the other. Not that many photo's but this was quite interesting to make out of two parts and a bit of welding. It's not quite finished in the photo, only a bit of tidying to do.. A bored out sprocket is a nice tight fit on the shaft. Not the fun part, making the 90'd drive thingy fit in not much space.. It's in there somewhere! This view might help to see what's going on. The plan was to fit this sprocket to the shaft that comes from the Honda gearbox.. And put this bearing at the end to hold things steady.. The trouble is, not enough space, the drive shaft to the front takes up a fair bit of space too! Soooo... The plan now is to mount this bigger bearing a lot closer to the gearbox case and fit the sprocket on the end only much more forward than it was.. Of course I don't have a bearing holder for the bigger bearing! So a bit of thick steel slicing.. Cut's well for a £10 power saw An almost flat plate. Flat and mostly bored out.. And that's about as far as I've got at the moment, all this making "one of" parts does take it's time.. But where would be the fun if I just bought everything and bolted it on?
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