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    Bits for my next Project

    Got some new toys for my workshop today Richard
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    Anglo Traction

    Bits for my next Project

    Thanks, hope all's well Ewan. A large void on here now without Norm Reached a point where there's lots of jobs that don't immediately produce finished parts. Lots of 'jigging' mounts that locate exactly where I want them prior to welding up. Managed to prime the chassis frame and black paint the underside. More holes to drill yet, so left it at that stage. Turned to fuel tanks and the mounting thereof. Lots of hammering/annealing of copper to form the bullet shape to fit onto the shell cartridge. Started with a section of tube 1.1/2" (38mm) in diameter and wall thickness of 1/16" (1.6mm) shown in the bottom centre of the pic. The one I'm working on is the main tank, having a screw on filler cap and looking a bit like a flask- I have to make another former of some kind to finish to the shape I need in order to make 2 of them, one main tank and one reserve. The reserve tank will be inverted for design purposes and will become obvious when assembled (I hope). Regards
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    Stationary Engine Magazine

    The latest copy of Stationary Engine magazine arrived today, complete with a small article on some of our Ohlsson Rice machines...
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