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    Confronted with a problem while assessing parts for a current project. A 96 year old carburettor with a damaged, rusted up Mushroom Air Filter- Side angle showing it's firm, seized up attachment to the Carb body- I had given it a dose of my preferred homemade Penetrating Oil brew as I wanted to remove the Filter without damage so I can maybe reuse the threaded Back Plate with a new dome on it. But what to use that would provide a good gripping turn force without damaging it......... Then the light bulb illuminated above my head (no emoji for it). I stopped servicing my own vehicles a few years ago, but I remembered that I had a real good Oil Filter Extractor for use in confined spaces- Gently held the carb in a vise- .... and proceeded to carefully apply an 'undo' force- applied about 20 ft lbs and it freed up and undid- No damage whatsoever. I was then able to finish dismantling the carb for inspection and will be able to make a new cover for the filter. Glad to say that the carb is fully cleaned and serviceable, but not as shiny as it was when new, it was mostly nickel plated.
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    Still bits and pieces to do on the tractor but have also been working on the trailer. Wanted this to be as compact as possible but still big enough to sit in comfort. The chassis started life as a transport frame for motor cycles, shipped in part assembled form to a dealer near where I worked. This was altered to a trolley using wheely bin wheels with a storage box and frame on top so that I could move large model boats from the car to lakeside at the various locations we sailed at. Most lakes did not have access for cars, only footpaths. The trolley frame is shown below minus it's towing handle. This now out of use frame was cut down and used for my sit on trailer. A new axle was made from box section and 16mm bar bolted together and to the frame, using pneumatic wheels instead of the solid tires used for the boat trolley. The seat mount was made up from scrap ply with alloy sheet outer panels. The edges were trimmed with alloy angle, more scrap salvaged when clearing my friends land. The sit on part of the seat is actually the backrest part of a seat I bought on eBay. The seat section looked too big when fitted so went into storage. Short lengths of studding were fitted into the already welded in mounting nuts and just drop into holes in the box top. Hope this makes sense. The now proper backrest, complete with it's Wheel Horse motif, was kindly donated by Chris the Showman, and is mounted on doubled up lengths of alloy angle.
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    the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Beautiful sunny day down in the Deep South, do you want to see my red bits,
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    Sears Roper fuel tank.

    The plastic fuel tank had been painted when it was restored. This was because the tank was in a very dirty condition. Not surprising really when you consider where the tractor had been found and the condition of it. The conditions the tank had been painted in were not ideal and the paint had started to bubble in places. So at the weekend I decided to repaint it. Getting it off was not as simple as I thought it would be. Remove seat, cross brace between fenders, remove left hand fender, Remove fuel line from pump and sundry cable ties. I could then lift the tank pulling the fuel line through so I could disconnect it from the tank. All the old paint was then removed. Yesterday it got three coats of primer. Today three coats of top coat. The paint I use is Supadec rattle cans. I find it very good. It's what I have used to paint the Black Horse and it's lasting well.
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    Yes it is Norm, I like the whole design. Very precise and versatile. Will even atomise paraffin to run an engine (if run on petrol first for 20 seconds). No washers! , all joints are machined tapered fits. Although they were noted for drips, occasional flooding etc, I think if they are carefully cleaned and assembled, they won't do that. Fortunately, I now have a full copy of (c1926) service instructions for these carbs to work with. No secrets or magic Nigel. Most of the stuff I use is found under the kitchen sink. Old worn out green scouring pad (softer). Shiny Sink cream cleaner. White vinegar. Piece of Aluminium for a scraper, old toothbrushes for the outside of carb body. Soft steel/brass wire brushes. Inside- Thinners for cellulose (acetone), tooth and small inter-dental brushes. Old version 'T' cut. Then put some time and elbow grease into it and wash thoroughly in thinners-
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    the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Had a look at getting the first part assembled today. The bolts that hold the wheels on were the first thing to do, one missing and one snapped a little warm up with the gas torch and the bit came out I then ran a 3/8 tap through the hole and found a couple of bolts in stock from an old mower deck. I now have enough to get the Auger fitted and on wheels, might give it a coat of paint first.
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    New project.

    Hi all, not entirely sure which category to put this in, it's not horticultural as such, but is related in a round about sort of way! I've just picked up this old Rice horsebox, the idea being that with internal dimensions of 9' x 4 and a bit foot, it is the perfect size for transporting my Ransomes Mg2, plus other machines. Then, once at the event, unload the machines, set up the camp bed etc, and I have somewhere half habitable to sleep in! Thus doing away with the annoyance of tents!! Anyway, the plan is to rub down and repaint inside and out, replace the checker plate bits with perspex to allow some light in, new piece of plywood on the floor, and fix the leak in the roof. I believe this is quite an early model, so there is an element of restoration here too, has anyone else any experience of fixing up these trailers? I will add some more photos when it stops raining!
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    the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Got the auger and axle, wheel brackets and wheels clean and shiny today and applied a few coats of red primer.
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    I didn't think so because a lack of an enormous power plant
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    Nigel wouldn't be able to do anything with that. But I bet Ian could.
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    rolloman 1

    Big Brother and wee Brother

    Good morning all pictures of Big brother and wee brother out on a wet Saturday morning My 1032 just had and oil service and some TLC Checked over the charging system , etc all working fine. also fitted the rear wheel weights , just ordered some new missing parts coming along nicely will have to try the lawnmower soon
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    Tractor World Autumn show

    More photos...
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    I see that there's a Westwood Clipper on that auction site at present. I'd totally forgotten that they made such a thing!.
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    New project.

    More pics. And inside.
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    Tractor World Autumn show

    Held at Newbury Showground October 6th and 7th A smaller than normal horticultural section, of which we were delighted to be judged the winners with our sprayers and dusters display. Here's some photos...
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    Tractor World Autumn show

    Not seen a Leyland Comet for years. The yellow Wolsely mower in the auction, (425) I had one for a while where I lived before here. It would cut down gooseberry bushes. A member on here got the rear axle a couple of years back.
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    Kingsfold Rally

    We went on the Sunday Here's a few photos...
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    Imperial clevis fork supplier

    Iain, Here is a good UK supplier for these. Springfix Linkages (Automotion Components Ltd) Alexia House Little Mead Industrial Estate Cranleigh Surrey GU6 8NE (UK) Telephone 01483 26 6784 Fax 01483 26 6785 info@springfixlinkages.com Neil
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    Imperial clevis fork supplier

    Try a local agricultural dealer or someone who repairs agricultural machinery. There's Thomas Graham in Carlisle. They supply everything from steel to nuts and bolts and all in between. Bit far for you I know. There's Spaldings in Lincoln, similar to Grahams. We've had stuff off them for the farm in the past.
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    @WestwoodGazelle Hi, ok that would be great if you would be able to have a look out for any Westwood tractors that's the same as yours pictured above. I will have a look out also for a Westwood Lawn Bug in Wales as I'm virtually on eBay everyday. Cheers
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    Wanted Westwood Gazelle Lawn Mower - Hi all, I am looking for an early Westwood tractor that has a white grille, flat footrests, and all should have a gearstick in the middle between steering wheel and seat. Any location within the UK I can collect with courier or collection in person (Cash on collection) or bank transfer. If you have an early Westwood with these features like the two pictured below and want to sell, please message me through MoM or by phone through message. If you know of anyone who may have one that would be interested to sell, please also message me. Any condition I am interested to purchase. Much appreciated. Thanks.
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    There's also a lawnbug on there in decent restorable condition
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    Handy tool use for an old Air Fliter

    Bloody hell how did you get the carb looking like that Richard
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    New project.

    I'd say the sheet above the ramp is an add on. Most, if not all horse boxes had two half doors above the tail gate. If your putting a Ransomes crawler in it, I'd put some more cross members in the chassis. You don't want it going through the floor, as happened to a certain person I know.
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    Early Westwood Mower Wanted

    Not that it affects the availability but the early "Westwoods" were imported and rebadged Dynamarks.