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    the showman

    Fame Again.

    Just brought a copy of November Tractor and Machinery and there's a good write up about Rural Past Times. Heres some photos.
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    rolloman 1

    My new Tractor

    Good Morning guys pictures of a new toy for me arrived yesterday about lunch time runs as sweet as a nut just needs some love and care hope you like
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    the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    While I was at Kingsfold last weekend this turned up. Its a 37 inch Wheelhorse snowblower, it's had all the rusty bits welded up and looks all there even comes with new bearings, seals, cable pulleys and chain.
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    Wheelhorse snowblower

    You could always use it for leaves!
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    Cub Cadet

    C-125 conversion restoration

    2 years too late but i just found the photos of the finished tractor. A pic while the wheels were removed for tyres and painting. A custom headlight panel The finished tractor, now sold unfortunately
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    Need a few pigs in the 4x4 and a couple of surfboards on the Woody
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    Made some progress on dismantling inspection of this engine. The nut came off the fan end ok. Looks promising so far. With a freed up crank 'n' piston, proceeded to carefully pull the cylinder. Quite surprised to find the internal condition pretty good before cleaning.........thought you may like to see what the size of the Piston rings used to be 96 years ago- To give you an idea, the bore diameter is 70mm. 2 of the 3 rings were stuck in their grooves initally, but just after I took this, they'd gently sprang out and all good so far. Quick look at the uncleaned bore is also promising which is dead smooth as far as can see-
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    Oh 'eck!

    Feeling a bit bored as I've no project as such now the plough depth wheel is done, I decided to mow the green. Put the deck onto the C-125, topped up the fuel, checked the engine oil and off I went. Got the green done and the verge on the opposite side of the lane, then proceeded with the area between the pond and our neighbours drive. Just about to move on to the other verge by the pond and a horrible rattling noise appeared. Knocked off the deck and it was still there. Not coming from the engine thank goodness. If it had been I reckon the engine would have disintegrated. I then noticed the clutch pedal was bouncing back and forth. Drive belt on it's was out? Gently drove back into the workshop and took footplate and side panel off. Started the engine and I then notice the clutch idler pulley had quite a wobble. Bearings gone? So take the pulley off and that was when I realised the part of the bracket the pulley fits on had been repaired by a PO. It must have snapped off at sometime and a piece of flat had been welded to the top half then bolted through the bottom half. On the bench with the pulley off I discovered the hole the pulley bolt goes through was elongated. Also the nut and bolt were a bit loose. The pulley bearings were not bad. Just a little play. So I tightened up the nut and bolt with thread locker on. Good and tight. All back together now and though there is still a bit of movement in the pedal, it will do till winter. Looks like the old girl will be getting an overhaul this winter. The engine does smoke a bit and uses a bit of oil. So that will be rebuilt as well. Sorry no photo's. I got too engrossed in what I was doing.
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    the showman

    Kingsfold Rally

    Spent 4 days at the Kingsfold Rally organising the horticultural section and would like to thank everyone for their support. heres a few photos of the exhibits.
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    Another Bolens joins the collection

    We have not used John's old 1054, the famous red Bolens since the snow. As we were finishing clearing the snow it started to run rough, probably due to dirt in the carb. Today we spend some workshop time on the 1054. The back of this tractor has always looked a little odd and I final realised why, it is missing the tool box. Picture of one of my other 1054's I found a spare tool box in my spares store and Joseph worked on fitting that, using his new socket set That looks so much better although it could do with some paint With the cosmetics out of the way, the carb was removed and put through the ultrasonic cleaner. Fortunately the inside was a little cleaner than the exterior The tractor has always had an odd whistle, has been down on power and it would stall if you tried to use third gear. With the carb removed I think I found the answer to all those issues as the inlet manifold was very loose. New gaskets were made for the inlet manifold, valve cover and points cover. Then oil change and lots of new parts including generator belt, air filter, points and plug. We finished up by checking it over front to rear, removing all the long grass wrapped around the prop shaft and greasing it up. I wonder how all that long grass got there Alan We then took it for a long test drive and it runs great. We still have a few jobs to do. It needs a new battery installed and a PTO refreshed and installed. It was great to spend some time on this tractor. Iain
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    Fame Again.

    I got a copy over the weekend. Great picture of Chris (The Showman) with his Toro. It is a popular magazine in this part of the country, so I have told Joseph he needs to be ready to sign autographs now that his picture is in print Iain
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    A close friend of mine sold me his 1953 Ford Jubilee tractor and brush cutter for the sum of 1 dollar and further consideration in keeping him in fresh vegetables. I didn't know it at the time, but next week he is also bringing me a Cub Cadet 1650, and 1250 with a rotovator and cutting decks, along with an old Allis garden tractor, all stuff stored in his shed for many years. The second garden planting is producing massive amounts of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, okra and melons. The sun room has a new door and all windows are sealed up ready to be a winter greenhouse and solar heat for part of the inside. I cut up a giant maple that fell in a storm and got most of the wood split. I have 10 feet of 48" diameter trunk left. My Friend Ralph came over and wanted a picture of him in front of the large piece of wood I had placed upon the wood splitter. He does this often, comes over and puts on work gloves then wants me to send pictures to him that show him working, notice he is on the wrong side of the splitter to work the hydraulics, strange fellow. I think he is an actor in life, he never really does anything, nice guy, but you cant count on him. My 1982 Homelite 410 with 68cc and a 24" Oregon bar cut through that tree like it was shrubbery. I will have to break out the 110cc Homelite Super 1050 with the 30" bar for the rest of the trunk
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    Thanks Norm, it's good to have it driving after all this time. Soooo, what does it drive like? Well, very good as it happens.. MadTrax feels very stable and planted with not even a hint of "it's going to topple over" Oh, and it's fast... In high ratio of course.. Trying to work out the gearing is impossible, so I'm going to guess it will top out about 80mph.. Not that I fancy doing that sort of speed on a quad of course Off road it's just as good, it feels almost unstoppable. Rob and I were testing it by driving across deep ruts back and forth.. Eventually it started spinning the rear wheels, flick the switch to 4x4 mode and it pulled it's self out straight away.. Amazingly despite the testing abuse nothing broke! Me happy with that A few minor little problems to sort.. During the off road testing MadTrax did get rather hot, in a "needle in the red" sort of way! Part of the problem was an airlock in the cooling system, of course the highest point is where the temp sender is! As the water level in the expansion tank is no longer dropping I guess all the air has gone out the system.. The other part of the problem is while riding MadTrax, the engine is at high RPM but the quad isn't moving that fast to push cold air through the rad.. So I have got an extra cooling fan to fix to the outside of the rad, it should help things out.. One thing the engine is doing that I wish it wouldn't is it's running very rich! The carbs have already been cleaned out, so a bit of carb tuning and balancing will be done when MadTrax goes back together.. I did try and get some off road video footage, but for some reason I was having a bad camera day and didn't notice the camera was already recording.. So when I hit the "start recording" button to film the action, I was actually stopping recording! The end result was I had mostly footage of "the bits inbetween" rather than the action! No photo's other than this screen grab of MadTrax ripping up the grass.. The smoke is from the over fueling! MadTrax is now back up on the bench ready to be pulled apart tomorrow or Friday. Lot's of bit's to be "fully welded up", and painted.
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    Fame Again.

    Well done guy's, as Head Exam say's, "Very Deserving"
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    All wheels/tyres swapped. Several test drives and all seals doing what they should do- Had a bit of wear slack in the Clutch shaft where it passes through the Frame (frame is the bearing). Not a good design as it is often neglected and deprived of grease throughout it's life. Could not pull the spirol pin from the spring side of the shaft bracket, so made up an extra bearing that would bolt on using the last hole in the frame nearest the Transmission- It's pulled the shaft back to where is should be and applies restraint from forward, upward and downward belt/spring forces. Well greased, it is now smooth in operation and no rattles. Tractor is now ready for collection
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    Nothing special Norm. Fan fixed to Sprocket on the Crank. Fan for additional cooling due partially enclosed compared to the exposed situation it would normally be in when fixed to a motor bicycle. Had to check the 172cc engine out in the Books. That was an up-rated engine first produced in 1924. The first prototype engine went to a French Racing team (Monet Goyon) and it powered them to winning the French GP of that year. Known as the 'Sports' initially, then 'Sports' with the Auto Lubrication system, then Super Sports T.T and lastly the 'Brooklands'. However, I digress. This engine is the first 2 stroke 269cc engine designed and built by Villiers (in 1913). Fitted to a multitude of Motor cycle makes, direct belt or chain drive initially. Known as the Mk I (should be roman numerals) up to 1916, then Mk II, Mk III. Mk IV is claimed to be the first introduction of their Flywheel Magneto, as prior to this, they used an external chain driven Bosch Mag, but the war got in the way of supply. This engine, the MkV was discontinued from Sept 1922. They built 3 other engine designs (from 1923) - 150, 250 and 350cc as the Mk VI. So everything hangs on this being in working order. It is complete and has the original Carb with it. Also has the Villiers patent Free Engine Clutch. All these bits will need to work ok when fixed. Good news is that my concoction of fluid for loosening bit up worked on the siezed piston/crank after just 1 hour ! and found it was 'freed up' by accident !. So need to remove that nut on the end by the Fan first without any stress on the crank, then pull the cylinder to check the bore/rings and piston. Might have a source of used spare parts too. Also may have a replacement option for the HT Coil (same style).
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    Haven't got any pics of the whole unit, it's in bits. I'm head down dealing with the engine assessment (when I'm not prepping the C-120 for sale). If it can't be bought back to life, then it will just be large boat anchor, or garden sculpture potential. The latter was the case for many years, hence the corrosion. The Magneto is clean as it was covered from the elements. Highly unlikely to get a spark out of it. Confirmed the engine date is 1922 with the serial letter/numbers and only have a couple of reference shots of the engine for what they are worth-
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    Had 3 driving sessions to check the Trans out and all is well/smooth for gear changes with positive selection. Found a tiny weep in the Brake Shaft seal, so I'm replacing them all with spring lipped type seals- Don't recall any leaks amongst the dirt from when I obtained it, but it has been stored drained for 6 years. Used white lithium grease to run them onto the shafts. Other side to do yet to and swapping over to Turf Maxxis Kevlars on the rear and wide turfs on the front. Put the Gear selector cover panel back on- Also pressed the original steering wheel off the old upper shaft so the new owner has the option to swap them over. So I have been active.....honest!.
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    A bit more work on the fuel tank was done, mostly welding up the odd hole I had missed. There's one! One or two on the underside as well. Not all the holes were that obvious, but putting a little compressed air into the tank made them easier to find.. Some bit's were just welded up to tidy them up. The exhaust system got the same treatment.. Find the holes and weld them up.. Finally the build had got to the "see if the drive system worked" point of things... Sooooo...... Which left only two things to do.. No 1.. Quickly give Madtrax some brakes.. Quickly as in back brakes only.. No 2... Get MadTrax off the bench and go for a test drive..
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    Happy Birthday harryt.

    Happy Birthday Yes its mine too. I am 20 years older than Harry☹️
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    Afternoon in the workshop!

    I need something to put a load on the engine of the new purchase , Kubota B6100 4x4 and I pulled a failed project from the weeds and had a look. I had made a plough from a I think , Anzarni plough body to fit my Gutbrod but i could never get it to work . The Kubota having a true 3 point linkage , was a much better mounting but it had to be made. for the plough. Its a bit rough and ready at the moment but enough to test and it works well. Now for some tidying up and a lick of paint. And yes i have replaced the bit dexion . lol
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    1978 Westwood

    Yeah, I think MoM member John used a newer light (same voltage etc.) But with newer terminals on the lights for his early W11 1978 Series 1 Westwood. I think I found them in Europe but being newer terminals I'm not so good with electricals so I opted for the original factory lights although had to come from America. If you're still unsure you could message John as he has replaced the lights I think
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    1978 Westwood

    I think these are the same as used on Bolens. A little known fact is they are also used for stage and swimming pool lighting and are known as Par36 lamps. If you google par36 or drop it into an eBay search you should find some GE ones at a good price. They are available with different lens so you need to be careful to get the right ones. hope this helps Iain
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    1978 Westwood

    Thanks! It seems alot of work has payed off in the end but being a 40 year old machine there are times where there's an endless list of things to do on it. Lol
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    Opinions wanted

    I did come out and say something, no one wanted to respond. I politely stated what he was doing and queried him and the group as to what end he was moving toward. It is possible that he might want to recreate the website, he might have downloaded the posts to go with the pictures. He also might want to put all the photos on Reddit or Pinterest as a way to make money through image search hits. I have no idea, but they were my personal photos. I don't have a problem of some one taking a photo here or there, but to abscond with my entire photo album was egregious and I wont stand for that type of behaviour. Only one other member had shared as many photos as I or had as many posts. People there were my friends, but if you wont stand for anything you end up falling for everything.