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  1. Octura and du-bro nitro fuel

    I made a big mistake. The note was mentioned in the Hughes 300 helicopter manual, which was before the shark, according to the dates I am looking at. I'm looking at the note as I type, and the top end came off, they don't mention what the top end is, but I'm guessing it's the adaptor. They wrote that the problem was the piston skirt. The fix was to remove the piston and file off the high(shiny spots). The other manual I have is a shark iced with a shark 60 manual, which has no note about the top falling off, so Im guessing that was no longer a problem with the later models, though I'm not sure if there were any later model o&r engines in 1973 or 1974, I have to read about what you guys wrote about the later engines to find out. Maybe they tested and filed before sending out the product.
  2. Octura and du-bro nitro fuel

    Thanks again for the info. There is someone very interested in purchasing my helicopter, says he has Hughes and looking to get sharks to. He says it runs good, recommends adding a gyro, and the only thing is to think in advance when flying, and his works fine with the o&r. I have the Instruction manual, and read an interesting part about the engine. It read the top would come off some of the early engines, and to send it back to dubro for an upgrade. The fix was to file the top of the head. I will try to add the instructions to this post if anyone is interested.
  3. Octura and du-bro nitro fuel

    I compared the carb with the dubro carb on the rc helicopter, and they look identical to me. Someone may have stripped the ohlsson rice engine and modified it for an airplane, and when I purchased the engine, possibly at some point the glow adaptor if that's what it's called, was removed prior to the sale.
  4. Octura and du-bro nitro fuel

    Hello. Thank you for the info, I might be able to get a shark manual that might provide answers, and when I get it, I will share the info if you want. I also might have a stripped down ohlsson engine with that carb if you want it. I will compare it with the dubro carb I have, and see if there is a match. Maybe someone crashed the heli, and from what I read, I guess they crashed better than they flew. I saw a video of someone who must have been an expert, fly one for almost 10 minutes. The one I have has a spark plug hole, I'm guessing they used the same carb for the petrol versions?
  5. Octura and du-bro nitro fuel

    Hello. I have no literature on the ohlsson rice carbs on the octura or du-bro engines, and was wondering if there was any data on the recommended fuel mixture, or company sold fuel recommended. Also any data on whether the engines failed due to the glow plug and running on nitro?
  6. Chicken Power Bicycle Assist Engine Kit Silver, 1973

    Thank you again for the info. I liked the older one, but it was sold for 650. Im not going to use it, so I guess it doesn't matter if it has a rubber seal or not. How come this seal can't be replicated if its only rubber?
  7. Chicken Power Bicycle Assist Engine Kit Silver, 1973

    Thanks for the info. I thought those later models didn't have the primer button, or pump, on them at all. So this model will most likely have the rubber piece inside. The person who sold the kit pulled the starter, and told me it was sticky recoiling, maybe that's where the oil seepage came from. I was looking at prices back in 2007, and they went up for this kit. Someone has an older version asking for 850, but will take 500, which I still think is way too high for a small engine.
  8. Hello. I just purchased a chicken power bicycle kit, looks like it was never used with the box, dated 1973, silver colored, with toggle switch. It doesn't have a spark plug. Is that normal for the later kits? I also noticed what looks like oil seepage on parts of the clutch, unless it's grease, not sure. This one has a carb diaphragm and pump, but I don't have the kit yet, just looking at the picture. Is this the one that has the rubber in the carb, or did they make some of them different? I don't intend to use it, may look to do something to try and preserve the logo on the tank and engine.
  9. Octura white heat V boat

    One more question regarding the cylinder head. I will read the articles everyone sent me, and thank you for that. Will the water cooled head, fit on a 14mm engine? Is the only difference in the cylinder heads the diameter of the thread itself to fit the newer spark plug, or are the pistons larger also?
  10. Octura white heat V boat

    25 dollars is fine. I will send it to you.
  11. Octura white heat V boat

    Thank you all for the great info. I am hoping one day to get the boat with engine, but right now I want to just get the octura water cooled engine, or just the octura cylinder head for it. I want to learn about engines, and looking to get another cylinder head made from that one, and hopefully use it to get a better understanding of this engine.
  12. Tiny tiger

    That was the shipping charges, I didn't charge you for the part, and not going to, it's ok.
  13. Octura white heat V boat

    Wanted: octura modified glow plug water cooled ohlsson rice engine and mount.
  14. Tiny tiger

    Is your generator working now?
  15. Water Cooled & Glow Fuel conversion for RC Boat

    Is anyone selling one of these water cooled glow engine conversions?
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