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  1. The cute little machine $pending plus shipping cost
  2. I'm in central Jersey & can pick up the Shark helicopter any time when it's convenient for you
  3. I'd be interested, don't throw them away
  4. Took off the complete cover with the pull-start [looks very good inside, the housing has 4 bolts, 1 original & 3 aftermarket ones], put a little nitro fuel into the cylinder to loosen up the piston & rings, then put some oil into the jug & carb too [for the bearings], hand turned the flywheel & everything works, very strong compression, no sign of usage, the exhaust doesn't have any residue, the gearbox/clutch shows no wear, the glow plug is clean [as original], this assembly is for vintage r/c helicopter
  5. Engine with Octura nitro-carb & gearbox with main-shaft for the Du Bro Hughes-300 or the Shark, this assembly has been in storage & very good condition [maybe not used, was a spare], the top of the piston is clean aluminum color, excellent compression
  6. if the saw is turned sideways or nose down the fuel splashes into the tube & leaks on the bottom, no big deal, keep the machine near level
  7. it's normal, there is no check valve on the copper tubing, a rubber duckbill can be installed on the bottom
  8. you could also remove the bar & chain so no load on the gearbox, much easier testing the engine
  9. the tube looks clean if gas comes through & no need to remove the tubing [mine was plugged with oily sawdust & cleaned it with wire pushed through], try to run the engine spraying fuel-mix into the carb, I always do that before getting into the carb
  10. I have the same Mustang & color, that copper tubing is the vent & goes up to the top of the fuel tank, can be seen next to the fuel cap opening, maybe the needle valve needs to be adjusted or the hole cleaned [built up dust due to long storage], also the idle RPM maybe too low, when starting give it a bit throttle
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