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    Mister Mad Mower, Hello, I've just joined this group so that I could contact you. I've recently bought a Buma boring bar like yours and I'd like some advice/information if that's OK?. It came with all the tools, etc, but when I was in the motor trade 50 years ago I used to use a Van Norman boring bar and many, if not all, of the controls are quite different. I managed to figure out that the left hand thread screw item on the left of the bar (as you face it) is the lock for the screw drive to make the bar descend through the cylinder. However, there's also a similar arrangement at the top of the bar, and I haven't yet figured out what that one does. I also have no idea why there's a spindle sticking out of the left hand side of the unit that looks very like the one that the bar winding handle uses on the right of the unit. Furthermore, you mentioned a quick release for the motor. I haven't yet spotted that, so would be grateful for any photos of that item as well. I've attached some photos of the unit I've purchased, and included a photo of the jig it came with, that's used for holding the cylinder that's being bored. Best regards,
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