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  1. Thanks Richard, I'll try and figure something out
  2. Thanks for your help Richard, when I received the tractor there was nothing of the original drive system so all of the pulleys are new SPA profile ones, not sure if this makes a difference, would a 4L x 29" belt fit ok? If so I may try the 4L x 29" and see if the extra few mm belt length will still work. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Performance-Agri-Garden-Mower-V-Belts-With-DuPont-Kevlar-4L-200-700/273112684017?hash=item3f96c8d5f1:m:mFjwMIFlYsiQme1LQc4FTSA Assume something like this may work better? Thanks
  3. Hi all, as it comes closer to the shows I need to revisit the WH RJ58 to make sure its running good. I have had some problems with the drive belt, possibly because of the tight radius' and the fact it is reverse idled, its probably the wrong type of belt also but it has started to split and shred a little. The belt profile/size is SPA732, currently i'm using a half decent dunlop one off the web but what should I be using? kevlar, cotton? and does anyone have a source? thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Is it for something random like wire drawing?
  5. Fantastic job Norm! Thought you might like the 'get a horse' decal
  6. I have used deox-c and it was brilliant, I then found out it is actually just citric acid and its much cheaper to just buy a bag of this online. Great work Richard!
  7. That deck is in great condition, the plough is a good find!
  8. Looking awesome Norm! Really like the narrow wheels on the front of the C-series, best thing I did to my C-121.
  9. Thanks Alain! yes, as you say there is no engine spec number decal, the small hp decal is present and after scratching off the paint we can determine that it is a 7hp model.
  10. A sympathetic rebuild, there is a lot of wear that needs sorting, the crankshaft bearings sound a little rough so the engine needs some attention. An serious degreasing and then something to seal the paint and rust
  11. Afternoon all, After a few busy months I finally had the chance to make a start on the massey! The aim is to get it running for a show late in July. Heres some before photos in case you forgot First job was to get the front up on some axle stands, remove the hood and front wheels. The steering needs some work as everything is very worn. it needs some serious degreasing as well so the engine was next to come out, it also helps to have the engine on a bench as it will need a partial strip down. here you can see just how worn the axle is, it is a very lightweight casting and unfortunately it is a bit twisted. Next I made a new bush for the axle, should work just fine. after a bit of cleaning up. the original paint is in excellent condition, just a shame someone painted over it. These are going to require some attention at some point. On closer inspection, one of the engine mount holes has cracked, just visible above, now welded up. The idler pulley and steering column was removed and then everything given a good clean. For a 56 year old machine, i'm surprised nothing is rusted solid, didn't even have to use any heat. Next job when i'm home next is to replace the bearing in the idler pulley and sort out the worn steering components.
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