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  1. Good find! That looks smart! I am in need of a brake lining for my current wheel horse project, I’m wondering if you might know where I could source one? I had a quick look on your link. Thanks
  2. The front rims look to be made out of those 4" split rims you get on sack carts and small trolleys! the rear rims are non standard too and look yo be bolted on with four bolts, the original hubs only had 3 bolt holes im sure. Apart from that it looks to be in fantastic condition, nice find!
  3. Cub Cadet

    John Deere 110

    Nice, i've seen quite a few 110's for sale over the years but not one with round fenders I don't think.
  4. Didn’t know they were rare, I’ve seen many Westwood ones for sale over the years
  5. Looking forward to seeing this put back together!
  6. Hi there, one of our customers that we have sold westwood decals to recently told me he had been in contact with westwood and they told him the original RAL paint codes. He's created a thread on here, this is what he said @Toma 'I have information that may be useful to others. The correct colour is RAL2002 confirmed in the company and all the rest is not black, but RAL 7021' It is a grey colour I believe, most paint companies should be able to mix both colours for you but someone on here may know a good match.
  7. Looks like a good project! When you come to needing decals, give me a shout, we sell all the westwood decals. look forward to seeing the project unfold
  8. Wow thats awesome that its still there! Great piece of family history and I hope you post pictures as you restore it! I don't think there are very many around so sourcing spares might be hard, but someone may have some parts. For the most part it looks fairly complete which is good to make templates and new parts from. I've fixed garden tractors which have been in a similar condition
  9. Nice buy Joseph, I bought one last year and its a great tool, I'd definitely recommend the cutting guide as it keeps the torch an equal distance away from the metal at all times as i've found the cutting nozzles wear out quicker if its touching the metal. You'll also find that its not necessary to clean all of the metal surface, just the part that the earth clips to. Heres me cutting some 1/2" steel last week and happy cutting!
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