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  1. Good buy Joseph! I have the same one and you're not wrong about the flat pack, it took me quite a while to assemble it. I bought it from Belgium a few years ago and it still works great
  2. Thanks all, t'was a good day!
  3. I have the mouldboard and adjuster but no bracket or coulter for one of these, perhaps your missing plough
  4. Wow, looks like its had a rough life! I look forward to seeing your process, we make the decals, if you require them, let us know. http://restorationdecals.co.uk/Westwood.htm Good luck!
  5. No, a US seller was selling the crankshaft bearings on ebay and he had listed the bearing number, with that and Richards help I ordered some off ebay. It was just easier for me, i've heard many good things about Meetens though.
  6. Thanks all for you help! Engine has now been rebuilt with new bearings and had it running for the first time since i've had it! Very pleased, the delco starter gen is burnt out though so going to have to find a replacement
  7. Thanks, i've posted it on Redsquare. I did find someone selling replacements on the auction site and they were listed as 6206c3 bearings but this is metric and both me and my dad thought they would be imperial.
  8. I have started work on my massey Ferguson 7e again and work has turned to the engine. We don't know if it runs and seen as i'm stripping the whole tractor down for a good clean it made sense to inspect the engine also. It was also a good time to make a new sump gasket as it leaked a lot of oil. After stripping it down some its apparent that one of the crankshaft bearings is a little bit worn, but after trawling the web i'm struggling to find what size bearings were used, we would normally measure the existing bearings but I haven't stripped it down that far yet. Any help would be appreciated as to where I can source this information. Thanks
  9. Thanks Richard, I'll try and figure something out
  10. Thanks for your help Richard, when I received the tractor there was nothing of the original drive system so all of the pulleys are new SPA profile ones, not sure if this makes a difference, would a 4L x 29" belt fit ok? If so I may try the 4L x 29" and see if the extra few mm belt length will still work. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Performance-Agri-Garden-Mower-V-Belts-With-DuPont-Kevlar-4L-200-700/273112684017?hash=item3f96c8d5f1:m:mFjwMIFlYsiQme1LQc4FTSA Assume something like this may work better? Thanks
  11. Hi all, as it comes closer to the shows I need to revisit the WH RJ58 to make sure its running good. I have had some problems with the drive belt, possibly because of the tight radius' and the fact it is reverse idled, its probably the wrong type of belt also but it has started to split and shred a little. The belt profile/size is SPA732, currently i'm using a half decent dunlop one off the web but what should I be using? kevlar, cotton? and does anyone have a source? thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Is it for something random like wire drawing?
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