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  1. Should work well! my lawn ranger hood is rusted in the same places, not as bad but will have to sort it out some time!
  2. Well i've looked high and low and I can't find it anywhere. I'm normally pretty good at remembering where parts are and I can't recall seeing one since before we moved 5 years ago
  3. I think the cowl went to P Mackellow, maybe the filter went with him too but ill check
  4. We had one on a lawn ranger engine that blew up, just looked in the box full of the broken parts but can't find it, we may have sold it. Will have another look tomorrow.
  5. Finally worked out why my pictures wouldn't upload, stupid phone now takes photos in an unsupported format (by this website), managed to change it so here we are. new sump gasket made Once stripped down, it was time to give the whole tractor a bit of a clean up ready to put back together. The crankshaft bearings were jiggered so the engine was stripped down. Back together and already sounding better. Back on 4 wheels, i'm yet to clean the wheels up but i'll get round to it one day. There was no way I was going to put this mess of cable back on so a new wiring loom was made later on. Someone had tried to fix the coil bracket at some point so I fixed that. New idler bearing. I gave the tin work a light sand then used some wax and buffed it up, looks great and will prevent rust. Focus turned to the seat which was rusty, with some wire wool and water I managed to clean it up nicely.
  6. Great job on the wheels Chris! My RJ rear wheels were like that, only they had holes all the way round Hours spent with the mig and a grinder had them sorted out
  7. Cub Cadet

    John Deere 70

    Good find, I like the Jacobsen too!
  8. I do the same, cut down a raider frame the same as you. Interesting to see the fenders if you make them.
  9. After a busy year i'm finally getting round to posting some photos, nearly a year later! so heres some photos. Steering gear after a cleanup, I like the fact you can see red paint under the yellow. This is because a MF7E is a rebranded and repainted moto mower which were red. Steering column, needed a good cleanup but been well greased so no wear. Looking better after a bit of a clean. Will try post some more photos later, having difficulty uploading them
  10. Great work Chris, interesting seeing all this as i'm on with making a 654 in amongst other things!
  11. Hi Tomas, yes you are correct, it had put your email in my spam, must have been because it’s international. I noticed it was last Monday you mailed so sorry about the delay, I’ve now replied, let me know if all is ok. Ewan
  12. Good job Ian, look forward to seeing some wacky projects come out of the shed!
  13. Good buy Joseph! I have the same one and you're not wrong about the flat pack, it took me quite a while to assemble it. I bought it from Belgium a few years ago and it still works great
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