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  1. Ransomes mg2 problems

    Thanks, sounds like a good rally, I will try and come along, if I dont have to work!! I found out the problem was the key way for the flywheel had sheared off, so I fitted a new one, and the engine turns over now, but wont run, so I think it needs re-timing. How do you go about timing it? Thanks
  2. Ransomes mg2 problems

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Both the clutch and the flywheel spin when you turn the starting handle, but nothing happens inside of the engine. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Ransomes mg2 problems

    Hi all, I have just bought a ransomes mg2 which is in overall good condition. I don't know much about these crawlers, so I'm after some help. It has no compression. When you turn the starting handle, it rotates freely and the clutch spins, but the crankshaft does not move, so the piston, and valves don't go up and down. I didnt want to take the engine apart completely, unless I have to. The main gearbox seems to work ok, because you can select forward and reverse, and move the crawler by turning the starting handle. Any ideas on what the problem might be? Thanks
  4. Ransomes mg6 price

    Thanks for the advice. This might be a silly question, but will an mg6 run on staight petrol, or does it need to run on tvo??
  5. Ransomes mg6 price

    Thanks everyone for the helpful advice! I've wanted a ransomes crawler for a long time now, so hopefully I will be able to have a deal on this one!! Is there any certain things I should look out for when buying one??
  6. Ransomes mg6 price

    Hi all, I've been offered a ransomes mg6 crawler, which has been dry stored in a shed for more than 30 years. Apparently it was runnig fine before it was parked up. It looks in reasonable condition. It has pto and hydraulic arms. My question is what would it's value be as I dont want to overpay for it?? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  7. sparrow

  8. rollo croftmaster

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I will send rolloman a message. Sparrow
  9. rollo croftmaster

    Hi all, i have just bought this rollo croftmaster, and im planning to restore it eventually. My question is does anyone know what size the front wheels and tyres are supposed to be? At the moment it has lawnmower wheels on it which are too wide. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks sparrow
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