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Fuel tank sealant

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My "barn find" Lambretta had been dry stored foe 12/15 years before I acquired it and the inside of the fuel tank while not gummed or heavily rusted does shed fine rust particles that manage to pass through the outlet filter, an in-line one and the carb's gauze and then cause the carb to flood!

Pulled the tank out this afternoon and would like to hear from anyone who has actually used a sealant such as Por from Frost with any advice on the does and don'ts and any  on what product to buy or avoid.

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I have used it many times with no problems, in fact I treat all my tank's with POR.  Ideally use the Marine Clean and ensure the tank is thouroughly dry, I put mine upside down on a radiator for a day or two but a hairdrier blowing through would do the job.  You only need a small tin, seal the tap outlet etc, pour it all in and rotate the tank for several minutes ensuring it gets in all the corners then drain the excess back into the tin and reseal it as you can use the remainder if it stays airtight. Wipe the base of the tin as it will stick solid to any surface! Make sure all the tap threads etc are clear of sealer as it sets rock hard overnight!  Also remove any that gets on the outside of the tank as paint doesn't adhere well to it either.  Leave for about a week before putting fuel in.  When starting a restoration I normally do the tank first, then paint it so that it has the maximum time to harden while the mechanical work takes place.



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