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  1. Not customised in the true sense!! This was just one of the Rolls and Bentleys owned by a local scrap dealer. First task after delivery new from the factory was to remove the rear seats and weld steel plate in to carry the gas cutting equipment he carted around with him. My late step father in law worked for him and the cars got a good bashing and a lot of welding and plating was involved! Rolls were not too happy about it. Pete.
  2. bankman

    What's this?

    They were used for setting the speed of lathes etc in machine shops. Pete.
  3. bankman

    Newby Hall Day 2

    It was an excellent display of engines, you lads didn't do so bad yourselves though! I didn't get round your area at all (or see that many of the engines) , my legs wont carry me far nowadays and by the time I had taken my missus round the stalls in her wheelchair I was fit for nothing else that day. Pete.
  4. bankman

    Newby Hall Day 2

    It was a fantastic show. Luckily I was under a tree with my engine all weekend so stayed nice and cool. Pete.
  5. bankman

    Wheelhorse under wraps at Newby Hall

    That attends many rallies in the North and is always popular, however until now I hadn't realised what actually powered it though! I did realise it wasn't steam...... Pete.
  6. bankman

    Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Pleased to see that my old friend Eric Moody was there keeping his chair warm! Also John Lowes with his sparkplug collection as he hasn't been too well of late and I wondered if he would still be attending events this year. We were at the Heskin rally otherwise we would have attended this. Pete.
  7. I will be there but in the s/engine section, I haven't room for a horticultural exhibit as well but will come and have a look around your displays.
  8. bankman

    Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Well work has progressed very steadily of this project. Checking the rest of the machine over I found the frame was twisted (not a big issue really) but the wheels were both rotten where the machine had presumably been left on wet ground for a long period and the axle was also badly corroded. Given the missing engine parts as well I was fortunate enough to come across another machine fairly local and cheap enough to take a punt on. This machine is in much better condition frame-wise, it has the hand control and cable, a decent set of the double blades and also a totally worn out engine! Valves flopping in their guides like the proverbial p**** in a bucket, almost a 1/4" of endfloat on the crank, big end rattling around but it does have the manifold and carb/aircleaner and a better fuel tank so the plan is to make one good machine from the pair. I also bought a rotary mower attatchment as well, that needs a full restoration of course! The other frame looks to be a good candidate to form the basis of a trolley for moving my argon cylinder around, nothing wasted here! The tool head from the original machine is all finished now, just some washers required for the filler and drain plugs; The later machine, now in pieces; Pete.
  9. bankman

    Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Straight fins on the cylinder head Wristpin. That new gasket will be fine, it touches in all the right places and just needs another hole making! When I return home next weekend I will line up the fuel tank temporarily as the fuel line is still fitted (it hasn't been cut) and it will tell me where abouts the original carb and inlet manifold were positioned, I can then try and search for the correct set up. I think that it will be similar to the one on Paul Mackellow's Gardenmaster 85 as his engine looks to be the same as my one with a similar spec plate, no hurry though as still plenty of work needs doing on the framework. Pete.
  10. bankman

    Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Proceeding steadily with this project. I ordered a headgasket for a Tecumseh H30 and what came proves to me that it isn't one of those engines so Aspera seems most likely, however with a little bit of trimming and punching an extra hole it should still be useable. New piston rings arrived and were fitted, the bore was honed and piston installed. Timing set, valve clearances adjusted to spec and a new governor bar made as the old one came out in 'three halves' as shown! Engine block/crankcase now in primer and I'm now away for a weeks holiday in Lancashire while it hardens off haha. Pete.
  11. bankman

    Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Wish I had known some of you lads were there as there was nothing listed in the Events section so assumed you were not attending this time. I only saw the Auto Culter display and missed the other machines, I was hoping to see a Gardenmaster 85 or something with an Aspera motor fitted to take som pics for reference but I was only exhibiting on the Sunday and didn't have the time to explore the halls properly alas. My leg problem doesn't allow for much walking about nowadays! It was a decent show though, and the weather stayed dry but cool. Pete.
  12. bankman

    Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Making steady progress, too cold and damp yesterday for outside work though. The tool head gearbox has been dismantled and cleaned, oxy/propane heat was needed to remove the driving dogs from the side shafts though. The crownwheel bearings (plain bronze bushes) were also partially siezed to the shafts basically due to old age and poverty! A well made little unit though. The worm bearings are fine, new oil seals are on order, gaskets have been made and the various castings are currently primed and in the 'paint shop' (kitchen!) hardening off. Pete.
  13. bankman

    Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Thank's both for your input. H30 seems likely. Rings are on order, 2 5/16th" bore, and oil seals are sorted, just the manifold/carb to find. There are a few of the downward angled, like a S bend, manifolds on ebay (USA) and there appears to be plenty of cheap carbs around but which one is correct? Anyway progress will slow now as I have Newark show this weekend and then a weeks holiday. Maybe a scrap machine might surface from somewhere, although I'm guessing that the later carb/manifold setup should still fit? Pete.
  14. bankman

    Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Thank's for those Wristpin. Right, a few pics! I think that this engine is probably an early version, the valves are retained by pins, it is breaker and coil ignition (coil has a decent HT reading!) and the number 30 is stamped on the crankcase. The breather is also different to the later ones. The Aspera name does figure strongly on the fuel tank, but so does the other two? Also there are no mounting holes in the frame where the throttle control is usually fitted, all the pics I have seen on here regarding these machines has the fitment there. Maybe these will help identify who manufactured it and where! At present the metal work on the tool head, tines etc, is in the electrolysis tank de-rusting!
  15. bankman

    Aspera/Tecumseh query

    Mmm, not sure how to move this to the Rotavator section? I assumed that only moderators could do that. I will sort some pics out tomorrow anyway, I have ordered some seals and rings so while they are in transit progress on the frame can continue! Pete.