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This RJ turned up at the workshop today

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On 24/05/2017 at 11:03 AM, Cub Cadet said:

Nice job there :thumbs:


On 25/05/2017 at 1:16 PM, meadowfield said:



Thank chaps :thumbs:


Not much to report other than swapping a drive belt for one an inch smaller with solved all the odd gearing problems in one swoop :D



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looking good chaps , looking forward to junior coming home.

i have had a word with Joe Papke in US and apparently there is a reason for the steering being like it is , this is his response



 from Joe Papke 

No It is not normal for them to turn 1 way better then the other.
Your pawls in the hubs are not working properly.
The left rear is not engaging into the hub, So only the right rear is driving.
So when you turn right, The right rear is driving, And wants to push you straight.
And when you turn left, The right is working and you complete your turn.
The 55/56 Pawl engagement is a Bitch to get to work proplerly.
On the 57 RJ they changed the engagement system and is much more positive.
Lift rear of tractor off ground, Remove left rear hub, Take drive belt off, And turn pulley by hand,To make sure the pawl is working it's way out to engage the hub.
Takes about a full turn of the axle to get it all the way out.
There should be a circle of pimples on the casting, That is what catches the small spring in end of pawl and guides it out to the hub, (when hub is on) 
You want to make sure the pawl pivots easy in the pawl hub.
Let me know if that helps??

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Thanks for that Neil and Joe, it was only once he had been parked up that I remembered seeing turning the pulley thing on one of VinsRJ's videos to sort the problem out..

It will be sorted tomorrow in time for a drive with the Suburban :)


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