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O&R Outboard

Mini Outboard Motor

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That is a different version of the Aquabug outboard which was sold as the Perry Aquabug over here. I scanned the owners manual for the Perry Aquabug & added a pdf of it to this thread a few months ago;

Note if you leave fuel in it the tank with the vent closed & the temperature changes too much it can split. The most common problem you are likely to find with the O&R engine is a perished carb diaphragm, both Webhead & Wallfish on here have new ones and the carb repair thread shows how to replace it.


I did see one of the Mini Motor outboards for sale on ePay recently, it was a bit odd though as two sellers were trying to sell the same item at the same time and they both ended early too. :scratchhead: The tank was split on that one as well.



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Thanks for the info! My fuel tank is intact so that is a positive. The carb was gummed up with yellow gunk and the diaphragm looked intact but 'stuck' so I'm letting the carb soak. The gunk is coming out and hopefully the diaphragm will survive. :)

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