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  1. "Here's a video of Joe's @Webhead son with a Chicken Power" Yeah, he's 19 now and going to college to be a mechanical engineer with a minor in engineering management! Proud of my boy, but they grow up too fast!
  2. Well, you have to understand that I have taught Wallfish almost everything that he knows! Actually, we've done great favors for each other. My thought process was to buy the best that I could afford. In just about every collecting type hobby, the best examples are more likely to hold their value. Not to mention, I was competing against less vultures! One other thing that I'd like to say, it's great to see newcomers inject some interest on the forum. This actually helps create more interest. And then to have the local guru, well, across the pond, makes it even better!
  3. Here’s my version. Pretty much unused.
  4. Cool little home made stand. In 25 years, people will be wondering why and what this one of a kind set up was for.
  5. The fuel tank vent has been the problem many times for me. I always try to run it with the fuel cap loose.
  6. I don't know, that color palette of those Burlington socks are very attractive! Nice find.
  7. Yeah, after looking at your photos, the tan spare parts were quite a bit lighter in shade. That's definitely an oddball. My favorite and very rare saw is all chrome with the later style starter.
  8. I had some NOS parts for the Orline saw that were tan. Actually most of them were. It could be that this one was built from replacement parts.
  9. Hobby stores have 3’ lengths of different gauge rod. Find the right one and you have 3 lifetimes worth.
  10. Totally agree with locking them. Will send them to you for here on out! Thanks
  11. Tried to add this to the sticky at the top, but somebody has it locked. It' for sale on eBay right now.
  12. No sorry, you do not have enough clout here, yet. Moderator please remove this. Go Blues! Joe in St. Louis
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