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  1. Coolest thing that I've seen done with these engines to this point...the enthusiasm with O&R's is at it's peak and doesn't look like it will stop climbing for a while.
  2. This is the best running boat that I have, an Octura Wildcat with OPS engine.
  3. David, can you please post a copy of the performance upgrades mention? I’ve never seen anything on paper, only heresy from somebody else. Actually, anything about the White Heat would be great. Thanks
  4. It's like a rubber flapper inside the brass fitting, hence the reason you should not use harsh solvents. If working correctly, you should be able to blow through one side, but not the other, in essence, a check valve. Drilling it out and eliminating the check valve is what we do if soaking and cleaning it does not work, or if we don't want it to cause problems down the line. The early ones did not have them and they are a nice feature, but not necessary. The rubber tipped lever is another story....I'll let someone else elaborate.
  5. I'm sure most of you have seen this, but scroll down quite a bit and there is is a good read on these engines, including the mention of a "hopped up" version for race enthusiasts. http://collectair.org/vintageengines.html
  6. I think it’s pretty rare. I read about them some where in the past, maybe the old forum, and then I happened upon one.
  7. I do not. Is there any mention in the Octura catalogs? I used to run it with my son using a high quality Futaba controller. It was very cool, except when it died in the middle of the lake.
  8. I have an Octura engine with the high performance rotary valve installed in my White Heat, instead of the feather valve. It makes the engine sound much meaner and probably increases power output. That would be a pleasant surprise if yours has one. David, have you ever seen any paperwork on the rotary valve?
  9. I believe it was named "Twist and Scout", an episode where he finds the Indian motorcycle of his dreams. It was on this past Thursday. It is an old school generator type light.
  10. I saw one of these that looked mint in suitcase on "Chasing Classic Cars". A guy was displaying it at a car show and Wayne Carini tried hard to get him to sell it but he wouldn't budge. Wallfish, not sure if you are serious, but I can dig mine out if you really want dimensions. I don't think it would be an easy build...
  11. He loves the pain and aggravation...
  12. Had an old O&R customer last night call me to string up a new line on his rewind spool. He owns a family practitioner clinic and said he'd pay me in N95 masks.....Should I do it? Told him about this forum, hope he joins..
  13. I'll take the generator that you just bought....I have a Creme, but it's just not quite as nice.
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