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Illusive Woodruff Key Size in UK

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Been prepping a spare Wheel Horse 8 spd Trans to swap with the one in my C-120 to overhaul it-




As can be seen, the Key ways are very tidy. The keys weren't bad either, but had some wear.

Problem is I have scoured the Web for UK supplier of 1/4" x 1 3/8" Keys using every part and Key number with no luck (Bulk manufacturers do minimum of 100).


So I thought I'd ask here if anyone has found, or knows of a supply of good spec that I can obtain from,........ before resorting to making a stock of my own?.


(my other Transmissions use a different size).



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Mark up for Toro's own Keys makes it uneconomical for me to get from a Dealer here.


3 hours ago, Cub Cadet said:


Strange !. Just checked my Eb** search page and They did not show up on it initially Ewan?.

I'd found their own Site (keysandpins.com), so thanks for finding that link and I'll file it, also very handy for others here in UK.

Choice they offer for that size (1 or 5) is a bit strange?

I will probably end up making a few sets myself, as I need some EN8 (C45) Steel for some other jobs, so they can be made from the waste bar end for very little Lathe time/cost.




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