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Westwood Questions

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Hi all, 


I am thinking of making something of a cross between a documentary and review on some of my mowers, starting with my 1978 Westwood Gazelle W11. However, although I am familiar with some of the stories and history of Westwood, I did have a few questions and I don't know if anyone can help. 


1) Does anybody know what year Westwood started production? (I am sure I have seen Lawnbug advertisements from 1975, but I could be wrong)

2) Was Westwood the first mass-produced British lawn tractor? (I know there's fairly old Atco lawn tractors, and hopefully I am not forgetting something really obvious :lol: ) 

3) If anyone has any other general info they think might be helpful, or any advertisement scans, I would love to know/see :)

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