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  1. Yeah exactly that. The Mk1 Westwood mowers had the flat footrests, central gear stick, ammeter dial next to the steering wheel (not where ignition is), chain and gear steering, diagonal underslung exhaust engine fixture (not straight down from engine) some had the earlier thicker ribbed tyres, and all had the bolder pointier Westwood brand sticker on the bonnet (was used in some early Mk2 Gazelles). Hope this helps. There was a rare Mk1 non-electric W6 on EBay which is probably the rarest and that went for £150! It had been painted up, non-runner and modified but being a 6hp and pull start Mk1 was rare
  2. Hi Josh, glad you found that. Looks to be quite a rare one as it's a W8 and also has the early thick ribbed tyres. Looking forward to seeing it all sorted if you need any help with sourcing parts, I'm sure I can help
  3. Hi, here's a sales brochure for the Mk2 Gazelle although if you look closely, the wider pictures are of Mk1 Westwood's as they have the flat footrests. Would like to see some pictures of your W11
  4. Hi, would you be able to post some pictures of the W8 I think the earlier Westwood models are more of a red colour and the later are orange. I've got an old Westwood brochure that I can post later
  5. Hi, I'm currently restoring another Gazelle (not pictured on profile) and i've looked on the MK2 and the bonnet colour is more red than Westwood orange. I was told on the forum Rover red would be a good option as it's very similar. For the body I'm still trying to find some paint although I think dark grey is right rather than black. Pictured is the Mk2 Hope this helps!
  6. Hi all, I've been fairly inactive for the past year as a lot has happened including my dad helping me to build a shed for my junk! I've still got my Westwood Gazelle MK2 which has given me a lot of fun but also a lot of saving for parts haha. I recently was given a rare MK1 Gazelle for my birthday back in June which I'll eventually respray original colours and decals as well as mechanical work to get it running right. I was very lucky to get it as apparently there was a guy in Scotland who was going to pick it up a day after us but the owner had accepted our offer first. Recently had the carburetor cleaned on the MK2 as had trouble starting it as well as it fluttering when going onto higher revvs. Since purchased i've replaced points and condenser, air filter, pulleys, drive belt, lights, seat, fuel piping, and a new fuel filter. Initially it was running great as it should do haha. Although when taking it out today I noticed a lot of fluttering throughout running which meant the governor was working fast, I'm not sure if the new fuel piping is a little small or the filter is slowing the fuel down from getting to the engine, either way I think it may be fuel starvation so will try to sort that! Here's some pictures of the Gazelle after cutting in summer time and all oiled for winter (google album) - https://photos.app.goo.gl/KyJB88PZSMffRAqVA
  7. Hi, just watched some of the videos, I must say that's one lovely tractor! I found the videos interesting and have subscribed to stay up to date as looking forward to hearing it running
  8. Hey Josh I'm Alfie from YouTube haha. Great to see you on here as well as new Westwood content.
  9. That's pretty incredible, almost as if it had just been delivered from the factory haha. All original paint and engine bay look very tidy, with everything looking original. Thanks for posting!
  10. Ah right, it's ironic as the Westwood Orange paint in my eyes is too orange when compared to the colour of my Westwood's bonnet. Much appreciated. Cheers.
  11. Nice to see the old Westwood kit. When restoring the cultivator, what was the paint you used as that's the same colour as my Gazelle when Westwood orange paint seems too orange than the old red/orange paint on the cultivator and gazelle. Thanks.
  12. @WestwoodGazelle Hi, ok that would be great if you would be able to have a look out for any Westwood tractors that's the same as yours pictured above. I will have a look out also for a Westwood Lawn Bug in Wales as I'm virtually on eBay everyday. Cheers
  13. Yeah I know, but I don't think I will be able to find an early early Westwood as there's virtually none of these seen not even on google images! That's why I'm trying to get the earliest possible or just about possible with the gearstick in the middle etc. Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. Yeah I know but they haven't got the early features. I just can't find an earlier Westwood than mine, it's like they all went to the incinerator, I'm sure unfortunatley some of them did. Lol. Thanks for the reply.
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