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  1. Stubmiester

    Hayter osprey

    Hi Nigel I have discovered one further problem with my Osprey, the clutch! I am missing; a .010" shim and an axle assembly securing collar...and No 4 off 1/4" X 1/4" UNF Socket Hd. Screw to secure the collar. If you have a whole base you want to sell/get rid of or just the clutch assembly this would be very helpful. Not sure where you live though. Stuart
  2. Stubmiester

    Hayter osprey

    Yes of course; Here are the details; Large Pulley OD 107.5mm V belt is 16mm and has the reference Speedonna D1440 (B55) 46 "Square sign" Small Pulley OD 62mm V belt 9mm Overall thickness of split pulley 37mm Centre hole 22mm Let me know if there is anything else. Best Stuart
  3. Stubmiester

    Hayter osprey

    Nigel It would be outstanding if you did. Here are the pics-let me know. Stuart
  4. Stubmiester

    Hayter osprey

    Hi thanks for the reply. yes it's the twin pulley on the engine crank. stuart
  5. Stubmiester

    Hayter osprey

    Hi I am looking for a replacement twin pulley for my Hayter Osprey Has one by chance got a spare? Please let me know. Thanks Stuart
  6. Stubmiester

    hayter osprey starting ??

    Hi I am looking for a spare Hayter Osprey twin pulley (drives two belts under the engine) Is the engine still available? Plse let me know. Stuart
  7. Stubmiester

    hayter osprey starting ??

    Hi-I am looking for a spare twin pulley for a Hayter Osprey-Is the engine still available. Please let me know. Stuart