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  1. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Got the osprey to keep running long enough to finish the field its the one over the fence about 2/3rd acre in 3hrs no sweat for the osprey,I left the patch in the middle to show how it all looked before.I do beleive this machine is unstoppable so pleased with it.
  2. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Thanks a lot triumph66 i am very pleased with it looking forward to getting the cutting out issue resolved found lots of info here so going to order a few parts next few weeks thanks to link given by anglo traction
  3. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Forgot to ask but where will be the best source of replacement parts for my osprey either local in essex or online many thanks
  4. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Hello Alan thanks for the welcome this forum has to be my best find ever except for the hayters of course 😊 never tackled a project like this before although have allways been a big fan of older mowers just so much better build quality.I have owned a webb 24" cylinder mower with a seat roller for over 10 years and it never misses a beat.
  5. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Thanks so much yep the machine is very clean so is the hayterette both have been dry stored for last 10 years or so,hope to get working on the osprey in the next week or so need it as a worker lots of rough ground to keep clear.Will post more soon as running correct and once again thanks so much for the help the manual is excellent.
  6. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Just got these numbers from outer casing above spark plug are they useful.Model...70702. Type...213501. Code...84030129 cant work out if the year is in there
  7. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Couple of pics will do a few more tomorrow think i found serial numbers but hard to see got to wait for my son to get home from work so can use his far younger eyes 🤓
  8. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Thanks for the quick reply and the warm welcome,very helpful i will check that out soon as home and take a few pics
  9. Rod

    Hayter osprey

    Hello everyone first time posting not sure if this is the right place but here goes.Have just purchased an old hayter osprey and hayterette with the osprey my main project they were both bought as non runners but once home I put some fuel in the osprey and two pulls later off she went and proceeded to cut half acre of very long grass with ease but once hot cut out.Have tried a few times more and she starts from cold but soon as hot cuts out and will not start again until cold,any help greatly appreciated.It is a 7hp briggs & stratton not sure how old but has number on chassis 12821 many thanks,Rod.