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    O&R questions

    i'm based in the uk - i can't send cash but happy to send a cheque.
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    O&R questions

    thanks Webhead - i'll take a diaphragm from you - do you take paypal ?
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    O&R questions

    I just acquired and O & R engine like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-VINTAGE-O-amp-R-OHLSSON-amp-RICE-034-COMPACT-034-3-4Hp-SPK-IGN-HYDROPLANE-ENGINE-/112585481541? But mine has lost the decal stating what power it is - can i tell some other way ? Mine also has a centrifugal clutch and V-belt pulley on it. Anyhow, when I got it it had no spark, so i cleaned the points and connections and now get a good spark. I got a new plug a Champion UY6 and mixed the fuel as directed on the decal with a mineral 2-stroke oil which results in something like 9:1 mix if I've done my math right - very oily compared to the 25 or even 50 to one of later engines. I read somewhere on here afterwards 32:1 was OK with a modern mineral oil. Carb diaphragm seemed intact, i heard they used to be available on ebay but i can't find them. does anyone know where you can get them ? It ran for 5 seconds or so then stopped, probably oiled up on the 9:1 mix ? I ran out of time to do anything more but will get back to it tomorrow, give it a clean and remix the fuel. comments/advice appreciated